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  • joudbren Level 1 (90 points)
    Well, my new two week old ATV2 finally got my temperature boiling tonight. It for the most part has been working not too bad but now at least two movies on two different days have stopped early in the movie or the middle of the movie to refill the buffer. I am stunned that Apple could release a product that is clearly still in beta. The intermittent frame judder that others have mentioned is becoming very noticeable as well.

    I've had an original ATV for over two years and we rent over $600 a year in new movies from iTunes and I never have had to deal with this. My original ATV had problems almost two years ago with speed issues that were well documented in these forums and in fact prompted Apple to put a network test feature into their firmware presumably so they could figure out where the problem was. Shortly after that we never had an issue again. Ever. I'm guessing the data they got from the network testing by everybody pinpointed the problem.

    Fast forward to this new ATV2 and now I'm cursing myself for buying this thing. I have a 15Mbps connection and a new Airport Extreme router that is working flawlessly. Connection is on 5ghz with full signal bars. I have NO issues with Netflix and my PS3 even streams Netflix like a champ using wireless G.

    Time to get the streaming fix out there Apple! I know a dozen people at least that bought an original ATV on my recommendation and love em' but rest assured, I'm telling everyone to stay well clear of the ATV2 until the bugs are fixed.

    P.S. To everyone else with problem downloads, are you doing the network test in the firmware so that Apple can use the data to try and sort this out?

  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    I have no issues streaming video it's smooth as can be, my airport extreme is upstairs and apple tv2 is downstairs, surprisingly I have also streamed very hi res photos.
  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    One thing to make sure is your apple tv2 is not sitting on top of you av amp or your speakers or right next to you tv, in fact it should be as far away from it as possible. My mac Mini was very prone to wifi interference when I first tried to stream videos.. So I moved it a few feet away from my gear and my mbps went way up. The same goes for your router, if it is getting interference you should try a different channel in your airport setup app if you live near a lot of other networks or move it to a better location. It's best to check that your network speeds are what they should be, just because you can get online does not mean your wireless network is running at top speed. You need 200 Mbps and ip to stream hi def video. I am able to stream 1080i with full Dolby digital 5.1 surround with my mini now from my mac pro using Elgatos eye tv software. So my atv 2 streams fine but it is a few feet away from all my av gear.
  • Robert Palumbo Level 1 (5 points)
    Well, the "menu up" fix did not work for me...
  • Robert Palumbo Level 1 (5 points)
    Regarding placing the apple tv as far away from your tv shouldn't be that much trouble to set this thing up. As I said, I have the previous version, apple tv 1 (?), and set it back up right next to the apple tv 2 and the older model works fine....streams everything perfectly. Although I'm not sure how to copy home movies to it now. My Panny 50" HDTV is 5' away and the only thing I have near the apple tv is my Directv receiver.

    There is obvious something wrong with a lot of these new apple tv 2 units that needs a fix. I am an apple fan from way back, but I have to admit this is a big disappointment. However, I do have confidence they will fix this, hopefully soon. I like the idea of running cooler, the older unit runs very hot. I love the Netflex addition....can't believe for a very cheap price you can stream all of these movies and at decent quality.
  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    Well my atv2 was sitting on my cable box also and when I moved it off of it, it then streamed iron man 2 without delays, but maybe I just got I would say just try taking it off your direct tv box for a test. Wifi interference is a reality though as I saw how it effected my mac mini when streaming hi data rate videos I moved it and then I got much better streaming results. There is no reason to compare the old apple tv to the new one really. They are two completely different boxes even though they do the same types of jobs their design is not.
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    Mine seems to be working now.

    Wouldn't work at first. Replaced an Ethernet hub and redid wiring, which upped performance is this corner of the house from 8 MBs to as much as 21 MBs, and then had to reboot the ATV2. (On 802.11n).

    Works last several times I tried it (knock on wood). Can't prove whether rebooting the ATV was what solved the problem or the new hub.
  • JimLosAltos Level 1 (5 points)
    For what it's worth, I had the same problems and they went away after I replaced an Ethernet Hub and redid wires to increase the WiFi throughput in this corner of the house from perhaps 8 MBs to 20 MBs and rebooted.

    Don't know whether the higher performance did the trick or it just decided to start working after rebooting, though. Good luck.
  • Scott Ronan Level 1 (40 points)
    I'm also getting some sreaming issues and was wondering is anyone has contacted Apple support or even emailed Mr Jobs?
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    In regards to moving the atv 2 away from the tv and media centre, what is the point of that? Is the apple tv brick supposed to be part of a media centre set-up, why does this not affect the xbox 360 Zune media over wi-fi or for you americans Netflix.

    I keep mine on top of my Virgin+ Cable Box, I have a 50mb broadband download speed and 2mb upload speed, so I know the issue on my behalf is nothing to do with Wireless, I also do not use a firewall or anti-virus with my iMac so I know those are not the issues. Its just the hardware that apple call Apple TV (Basically it's crap)
  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    Well before getting an apple tv I have been streaming media between my different macs for a few years using Elgato's eyetv software and digital tv tuner. The eyetv 500 records a digital uncompressed mpeg 2 stream which is 1080i and had dull Dolby digital 5.1. Now that being said it took a lot of tinkering to get it to work.
    The only way it did work streaming to one mac to the other is the following.
    Select a channel for your wireless router. Do not have it set to auto. Do not extend your network with another router because that cuts the bandwidth down. If you have multiple airport expresses and an extreme set the expresses to join not extend. My older 802.11 g could not handle streaing without glitchy playback but when I bought the new extreme and set up a 5 ghz network I was able to play the streams mentioned above, skip around etc with perfect playback. But if the network is not setup properly to get the maximum through put from one computer to the next it will not work smoothly. I am using the new apple tv and it has been flawless except for my one video rental streaming iron man 2 from iTunes. iTunes streaming from computer to computer when it comes to video has always been terrible. iTunes streaming mp3s is fine but videos have to load and take time. I bypassed iTunes and just use QuickTime to play movies, sharing drives from one computer to the other and playing them with load time, instant playback.

    My main point is it does not matter what your cable download speeds you have if you have wifi interference or a slower g network you will most likely run into streaming issues when it comes to large videos. My atv2 streams media just fine and almost instantly from my mac mini or my mac pro but they are all on my 5 ghz network.
    Sure slower networks will stream audio and small videos but when it comes to 720p witg 5.1 you need a very fast network with no interference.
    I believe apple is having streaming issues with their rental movies because of new traffic and new service. Everything else works fine... YouTube
    , Netflix although they had a streaming issue the other day when a show just stopped int the middle and nver finished which they apologized for it in an email the other day, and streaming from my two computers to the atv2 works flawlessly. Set up was easy and it does the job for 100 bucks that I used to have to have a mac to do the same job. I have found my new mini Is very supseptable to wifi interference from my av gear.
    So I would at least get the atv2 off your cable box as an experiment and get an app to test the throuput of your wifi network. A micro wave for instance will through a wrench into your network speed when you turn it on. Other people using the same wifi channel as you c an also slow down your network etc. Netflix really has their streaming service down and IM sure they had a few hiccups along the way, hopefully apple will a dress their streaming issues and as far as the rest make sure your wireless network is running at it's highest possible speed.
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    We have fairly slow DSL, so I stream from my Mac mini to the appleTV rather than directly from the internet. The the appleTV indicates a WiFi signal strength of 4 bars. I have no problems streaming downloaded video to the appleTV. My problem is that when I stream iTunes audio, the appleTV seems to drop the wireless connection randomly and returns to the top-level menu. At first I thought there might be a power glitch, but it isn't rebooting. I experimented by turning off my wireless router (Belkin 802.11 n) and duplicated the results. No indications of buffering occur, it just stops in the middle of whatever audio it's playing and directly returns to the very top-level menu, as if the computer with iTunes went offline. The appleTV is located next to the TV, and at least a foot from the nearest stereo speaker.
  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    Try setting your wifi router to one channel which I use the airport utilities to do this, usually it is set to auto switching the channels. My airport extreme when streaming audio with itunes to my airport expresses was glitching the playback of the music Im guessing the atv2 is reseting itself when it looses the wifi signal or you could have interference from something my microwave used to glitch the music and then it would come back on right after the microwave was done.
  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)
    Try setting your wifi router to one channel which I use the airport utilities to do this, usually it is set to auto switching the channels which I have found to mess with streaming anything. My airport extreme when streaming audio with itunes to my airport expresses was glitching the playback of the music Im guessing the atv2 is reseting itself when it looses the wifi signal or during a channel switch or you could wifi have interference from something my microwave used to glitch the music when I nukes some food and then the music would come back on right after the microwave was done. There are many possibilities for glitchy streaming media.
  • jmagacs Level 1 (0 points)
    I implemented your suggestion last night, setting my router for one channel and "protected" mode. This upped my signal strength to a full 5 bars! I almost got through a complete iTunes album when the problem happened again. This time, however, it returned me to the top-level menu with the cursor positioned on "Computers" rather than the extreme left end of the menu. So the situation seems slightly improved. Tonight I'm going to start experimenting with changing the channel number. It currently is on the default of 11. I'll start with "1" and see if that gives any improvement.