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My contacts (over 1000) in iPhone are synced with Outlook 2007 on my PC. Almost every contact has at least 3 phone numbers and 2 or more emails. In Outlook, all the phone numbers for a particular contact are arranged:
1 Work
2 Home
3 Mobile
4 Fax
5 Other
Email addresses are also arranged in order of preference.
On my iPhone, the various numbers display in a totally random order after syncing. The fax or home number is just as likely to be listed first as the work number. On my old Blackjack, I always knew the first number was work, etc. and it was much easier to dial a number than on the iPhone. Now, I have to stop what I am doing (such as driving), put on my reading glasses, and carefully make sure to tap the number I want to call. Is there a way to make the phone numbers in Contacts on the iPhone display in a consistent manner? Any ideas? Thanks.

3Gs, Windows XP