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Well my problem is that my iPod has been disabled and needs to connect to iTunes but another problem occurs because in iTunes it won't connect because my iPod has a pass code and I can't enter it because my iPod is disabled and needs to connect to iTunes.

Please help me!

Compaq, Windows Vista
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    You need to connect the iPod to your computer and restore the iPod. See the last part of the following:
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    hi. i have a problem with my ipod touch 3g. the touchscreen isn't working. i really need your help. i have tried to restore my ipod but when i restored it, it also need to be update but my ipod has a passcode but i can't enter my passcode because my screen isn't working. do you have any idea on how to fix this? please e-mail me @ mjtablizo0131@yahoo.com.. kindly post this to other forumns cause i can't post this to the other forumns. thank you so much. hope to hear it from you.
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    Like I said to the other user, you first have to restore your iPod. That will erase all data on the iPod (You have no other choice). After you restore it you can update the firmware.