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I purchased an album from the itunes store on my iphone. It deducted from my account but the album didn't show up. Once I synced to my laptop and transferred purchases the album appeared in my itunes library and I can play the album on my laptop. However when I try to sync the album to my phone it still won't appear. Doesn't give me any kind of error, just syncs like normal only album doesn't come through. Really beginning to annoy me. I've downloaded other things since and they appear on the phone as soon as completed.

Iphone 3GS, iOS 4, iOS 4.1
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)
    Look in Compilations.
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    Not in compilations. Doesn't show up under albums, artists, or in a playlist that I build. It is on the laptop and I can play the songs. I'm considering burning the album to a cd and then reimporting it to see if that will solve it for me.
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    And apple email support is useless. Sending me to a page with info on how to sync the phone like I'm a moron.
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    I just had the same problem. What ended up working for me was going to the File menu and choosing "transfer purchases from device". it worked. I know it's a stupid solution, but before I started digging around in the support docs, I never thought to look there. iTunes is a terrible piece of software with a really obtrusive interface, especially if you're like me and prefer to manage your music and apps manually.

    hope this helps.
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    This started happening to me too and that "transfer purchases" trick didn't work for me. It's really frustrating cuz i just downloaded Kanye's album and now it won't show up on my iPhone. Plays fine on my computer but it's like its hidden or something on my phone. Also my iPhone itunes doesn't have some of the music it should have as well. Like its hidden some akon, kid cudi and now an entire album. Help por favor!
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    Similar problem with my iPhone 4. Bought an album with it. Shows up in iTunes as a "Purchased on iPhone" track when I have my iPhone connected but doesn't appear in my main Music library - so I can't play it on my laptop unless I have the iPhone connected. Have tried "Transfer Purchases from iPod" to no avail. Am now trying the latest iTunes patch to see if that helps...
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    OK, just upgraded to 10.1.1 (4) and I can now see my missing album in my iTunes library. Wonder if that was just a happy coincidence? Had to Force Quit iTunes in order to get the update to go through as well... Anyway, problem fixed for me. For now.