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plaidflannel Level 1 Level 1
Each time I compose a new message, the new message window seems to appear at a different place, usually obscuring the main window. I would like to have it always appear to the side of the main window. Can I set this, perhaps in the property list?

Mac Mini (late 2009 2.66 GHz 4 GB), Mac OS X (10.6.4), MacBook; Ubuntu via VirtualBox; G4 to run HyperCard
  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X
    I've been watching your topic, as I've searched for an answer to this myself, but have always come up short. Unless someone else has a suggestion, I would say your best bet is to visit the [Apple feedback page|> and tell Apple how you feel... and then just cross your fingers and wait.
  • George Coghill Level 2 Level 2
    Yeah this drives me nuts too. There's a way to control Finder windows, but it doesn't work for Apple Mail it seems. I think the Finder windows use the hidden .DS_Store file to retain that kind of info.

    For Mail, it should just pop up in the last place and at the same size the user moved it to. How difficult could that be to implement?
  • KendallB Level 1 Level 1
    This is something that has ****** me off for a long time for Apple Mail, and now that I am back on the Mac more regularly, I am surprised this is NOT something that Apple has addressed? Surely this must **** of the people who actually WORK at Apple and use this mail client every day also? Or maybe they have an internal plugin to fix this, so they always forget it it is a bug?

    If I was a programmer at Apple, I would have fixed this a LONG time ago.

    Please fix this!
  • Edwin Sanchez1 Level 1 Level 1
    This has also bugged me for a long time. Am replying in the hope that maybe now there is an answer out there.
  • AlwaysWrite Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    I would just like to add my voice to the chorus of users frustrated by this design flaw / bug in Mac It is infuriating to me that every time I create a new mail message, the window appears in a similar, but somewhat different position on my screen. I set windows up in certain positions for certain reasons (so I can see the message I'm replying to, for example), and it should be elementary for Mail to remember window positions. It's such a basic program "feature," it's appalling that it's still implemented incorrectly in version 4.5 of

    Apple, please spend the time necessary to make Mail remember window positions, like all other decently-written computer programs do. Thank you.
  • The Long Way Home Level 1 Level 1



    I Think I got the solution...


    1) Open the

    2) Open a new message window

    3) Place the message window where you would like it to be

    4) Press [CMD] + [q] to close the whole thing and thereby "save" positions of windows


    The above solution made my Macbook Pro 10.6.7 remember where to place new message windows.



  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X

    Doesn't work here.  It might appear to for a short time, but every time you open a new message window, it migrates just a little.  Each new message window is offset down and to the right by a few (10?) pixels, bumping back to the top when it hits the bottom of the screen and back to the left when it hits the right side of the screen.

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6

    This will only save the location of the current window, so when you open the application again they are restored as you had them; however, new windows will not stay in the same spot and may migrate around, especially if you open more than one.

  • The Long Way Home Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry! I hadn't tested it enough. It has bothered me for some time, so I was just so happy that it seemed to work. If there was something like a virtual beer, I would have bought you one.



  • seenastyle Level 1 Level 1

    Perhaps something is corrupt that is causing bad behavior for some users and so my comments are unhelpful, but here's some more data to add to this discussion: My behaves as George Coghill described above, subsequent message windows open where the previous window was open.


    For example- Close all windows so that only the main "Message Viewer" window is open (basically, don't have any emails that you're in the middle of drafting open).  Open a new message, adjust the position as you wish, then close it.  When you open another new message, does it have the same position as the one you just adjusted?  It should.


    However, for me, sometimes it would be off by a few pixels as Thomas A Reed described above.  I realized that this was because I had another compose window open in the background.  So as you troubleshoot, make sure no other compose windows are open, to remove one complication and help isolate the issue.


    Side note: in cases where the original window's height fully extended across the display, the new window would be shifted over to the right only, but not down at all as some apps do (like Mac Word, annoyingly).  Another note: if you maximize the original window, subsequent windows also open maximized and unshifted.


    A corollary to the paragraph immediately above is that if you open say 3 new windows, the second one will be shifted and the third one will be even more shifted.  Let's say you send all 3, and now open a new window, it has the position of the 3rd window.  Annoying.  Yes, it would be nice if it always opened new windows in the exact same position, but Apple likely won't do this since people will get confused and think they lost the window if it doesn't do the shifting.  I guess the take-away is draft one message at a time or maximize your composition windows, otherwise it's going to move :/


    A band-aid solution: When a window isn't positioned how you like it, a quick/simple way to reposition it is with apps like Moom (my favorite), Cinch, Divvy, SizeUp, etc.  While I'm at it I should mention RightZoom, which makes the green zoom button behave like the Windows maximize button, and Cordless Dog Stay, which is great if you connect/disconnect your laptop to a screen causing the window positions to always get disturbed between displays.

  • Kymbo The Violin Stuntman Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there, I think I've worked out how to fix this problem...

    Open Mail, then close the "viewer window" (so that you have no windows open at all). Next, select File>new message and a window opens. Position this window where you would like it to be. Close this window.


    Each time you click File>new message or "command-N" the window should now open in the same place!







  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X

    Actually, it looks like since the time this topic started more than two years ago, something has changed. The new message window no longer migrates all over the place for me in Mountain Lion. No closing of the viewer window required. Perhaps proof positive that Apple reads feedback...

  • Larry McJunkin Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    This is still a problem here, and nothing I've tried will stop each new window from migrating down/right a few pixels each time a new message window is opened.  This is the only email client on the planet that does this and it's a real PITA for those of us who like to keep window positioned where "we" want it...not where Apple wants it.

  • marconopolo Level 1 Level 1

    I wouldn't be so bothered by this flaw if each "new message" window were just a few pixels down and to the right of the previous one. What happens in my case is that the "new message" windows (including replies and forwards) frequently open at random spots on the screen, forcing me to reposition them each time. This seems to be related to a similar problem that I've noticed: when I double-click on an incoming message, the window opens in the lower left corner of my screen and in a truncated size, so that I have to both reposition and resize the window repeatedly. We're now in version 6.2 of Mail and OS 10.8.2. How can Apple possibly justify its failure to fix such fundamental problems as these?

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