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Ok. I am going to make this quick. I just bought a new ipod off amazon from Apple. its a 35Gb 4th Generation ipod touch. I am able to sync my itunes library sometimes. Only SOMETIMES. I have about 1200 song on it now. But evertime i plug my ipod into my PC. iTunes comes up, but freezes up. itunes works fine when the ipod is not connected, but when it is, it freezes up. I can leave it for about 5 minuets and it will unfreeze and i will be able to use itnes, but itunes wont show my ipod is connected. AT ALL. I did the diagnostic, but that freezes up to. Only sometimes will it sync. I updated to the latest version. I think this is either a issue with itunes or the ipod. because my brother has the new nano, and his syncs perfectly fine everytime. Only on my account on windows 7 with MY $300.00 ipod touch will it not work. Anyone help me out here.

This is what i have done so far:

Reset ipod via sleep wake and home key while connected < no fix
Ended any process in the background of windows, that may affect itunes < No fix
updated to latest itunes version and ipod version < No fix

That's all i could think of. This evidently is sync issue.


Windows 7, 32 Bit Asus board core quad duo