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Dear Fellow forumers,

For almost a year, I've been enjoying listening to my iTunes music library through my HiFi system using a wirelessly connected Apple TV.

During this time I upgraded iTunes several times without experiencing any problem.

But this time, after upgrading to iTunes v., I was no more able to send the music from my computer to my HiFi through Apple TV.

Each time I tried to connect to my Apple TV remote speakers, I got the following error:

An error occurred while connecting to the remote speaker
"Apple TV..". An unknown error occurred (-15000).

I tried to download the latest update on my Apple TV, and Apple TV displayed that my software is already up to date.

I spent few hours googling for solutions, but I was unable to solve my problem.

I am running iTunes on a Windows Vista HP laptop with Windows Firewall and AVG AntiVirus.

I would welcome your thoughts and advices as to how resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


HP 6830s, Windows Vista