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Dear fellow users,

I wondered if someone could tell me their experience with different inkjet printers and all-in-one(s) drivers on MacOS Leopard.
Which ones have the most compatible drivers for MacOS (in my case 10.5)?
I know they almost all are, but I really mean the "most" compatible.

This said after experiencing some problems with hp drivers. I still like their hardware, but am a bit worried about the drivers.

I know Apple is doing a great job providing updates, but unfortunately for me (but understandable), they are for 10.6 and I am still on a G5 with MacOS 10.5, so I'm using the new PPC printer drivers (when available) provided by the manufacturers.

(Let's not talk about CUPS drivers just yet. Thanks.)

Anyway, I thought some of you could and would give me an advice on what new printer brand to get for my still snappy (snazzy) Power Mac G5 (first model).

Thanks a lot.


Power Mac G5 1,6 GHz Uniprocessor, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 4 Gb RAM - GeForce 6800 GT DDL - 2 x HD 500 Gb
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    Get a printer for which you can obtain drivers from the manufacturer or that are supplied in your version of OS X.

    Apple does not make printer drivers. The drivers provided in OS X are supplied by the manufacturers of the printers. If a driver isn't available it's a problem with the manufacturer's lack of support of Mac users.
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    thanks for the answer.

    still hope to get some expert advice from an IT person or somebody who used many different brands of inkjet printers and their drivers with MacOS.
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    I use Canon inkjets and AIO's in the office and at home and I find the drivers to be very compatible with 10.5 and 10.6. Their drivers are Universal Binary, meaning they support PPC and Intel Mac's, and the supporting software is okay - although I tend to use the included OS X software like Preview for scanning.