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Please Help!!!!

I cannot get itunes to add movies into the library list. If I select "add to library" from the file menu and the select the movie file to add, nothing happens. I have even tried getting a free video file off the itunes store to see if the file will populate into the library. Nothing happens. I can go to the folder where the file is located, double click on it, and watch the file. I just cannot add it to my library. The problem is that I am trying to set up home sharing for my apple TV. What good is that if I do not have all of my movie files in the library. Any thoughts out there. Much appreciated.

MacBook, iOS 4
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    Well, I appear to be talking to myself, but I seem to have fixed the problem. What did I do? One of these steps seem to fix my problem

    1) Reinitialized the wifi router

    2) Reset the itunes library destination settings for downloading and organizing content.

    3) Completely reloaded the content from my computer hard drive (i.e. from the complete time machine backup of my computer)

    Do I know which one is responsible for the fix, no. The only one which was somewhat painful was the third item. Oh well, thought I would share in case any one else has this problem. By the way, it started the day after I got my new Applet TV (gen 2)
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    That's good you got it sorted.
    Playing it should have added it to the itunes library. No idea why it wouldn't!