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the itouch is pretty much new, i clicked home and lock to force a restore and so far have been unable to do, pretty much always getting a 1611, this happens on both win7x64 and osx 10.5
i tried uninstall all apple soft from the win7, even itunes on my music and "apple computer" from app data (local, roaming) then restarting and finally doing the installation again
i tried changing usb ports, rebooting and putting it into dfu mode right away
but anytime that the restore operation puts the ipod on the screen where is supposed to install the software (the one with the progress bar) i can see in the system devices that the driver has a warning
i tried updating too as suggested in http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1538
but still no luck,
any suggestion?

ipod touch 4g, iOS 4
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    i was able to take it out of recovery with umbrella-4.02.04.exe
    is now opened on itunes and device seems to be ok, but the restore operation always fails
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    ombt wrote:
    ... getting a 1611

    check this support article: _*Update and restore alert messages on iPhone and iPod touch*_.


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    i already saw that article as i get redirected there within the itunes
    but i got a mac address and non default serial
    the ipod works well, access internet etc, listen music, install apps, but the restore process always fails
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    i was finally able to do it
    i tried with an ipod touch 3g and worked well, but the 4g keep failling
    (my windows is installed on a virtual machine)
    seems theres a new protection in the new touches to prevent to be restored on vm
    so from now on i had to use my old laptop
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    I am having the same Problem with my iPod touch 2g. It won't turn on at all even when I plug it into tO a wall charger. When I plug it into the computer iTunes does not recognize it. I then put it into DFU mode and and it says the iPod is in recover mode and needs to be restored. I have tried the option+click tp restore with the updated firmware and I get the same error code (1601). I have never jailbroken my iPod. I have tried everything Apple says to do; the 5 r's, removing apple programs and reinstalling themi tried plugging it into multiple USB ports and different computers Mac and PC if that matters. I can't find a solution anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks