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I was a good samaritan (no good deed goes unpunished) and set up a MacBook running Snow Leopard earlier this year for a friend who knows little about computers. She doesn't use boot camp and only uses Apple Mail for email. She noticed that a spoofing email went out to about 50 of the addressees in her address book of about 100 addresses. About 50 of these addressees rec'd a spoof email presumably from this computer directing them to go to http://www.cetris-deutschland.de/to.php. She uses aol service of some sort and denies having her address book on some aol server, so I'm at a loss to explain how the spoofer got so many of the addresses in her address book. I'm unaware of malware that can get on a mac and do this but she is pretty much a novice. Any ideas? I looked around for web posts on this and couldn't find much.

I suppose she could have sent out an email with a ccc to half her address book but she denies this.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)