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I have some simple "live update" smart playlists in my iTunes v 10. Whenever an item is modified (i.e. adding a rating), it "live updates" accordingly.

However, "live update" doesn't work on my iPod Nano 5th gen. The smart playlists on my iPod only update the next time I sync it with iTunes, instead of updating live on the iPod. Is this normal and how do I fix it?

Technical Details:
- iTunes PC: version 10
- iPod Nano 5th Gen.: FW 1.0.2PC, 16GB, Model A1320

Example of a smart playlist that doesn't live update on the iPod:
- Select all songs that has at least a rating of 1 star,
- Live Update checkbox is checked.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Create the smart playlist above in iTunes,
- Connect the iPod, and sync the smart playlist along with some music,
- Play a song on the iPod and give it a rating of 1 star,
- Let the song play until the end,
- Reach the Playlist menu on the iPod and select the smart playlist,
- Notice that the song that has just been rated doesn't appear in the "live update" smart playlist on the iPod.

Any help would be appreciated.


iPod Nano 5th G. (Camera), Windows XP