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Hi When I take pictures with my iPhone 4 I noted that there is always a duplicate photo in HDR mode as well. After I take the photo, it saves a copy in HDR more and this takes a few seconds. Do I have a choice for this ? Can it be disabled or will it always do this ? Could someone be so kind and get me more info on this topic ? Thank you.

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    Settings - Photo - Keep Normal Photo

    Page 121 of the manual.
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    Depending on the photo and lighting, etc, the regular/normal version may be better than the HDR version. For the most part, I usually prefer the HDR version but not always. I can always keep the version I prefer after comparing the two but if both versions aren't saved, I wouldn't know which version is better or the version that I prefer. You can prevent the regular/normal version from being saved along with the HDR version, but you may want to reconsider this so you can compare the two followed by deleting the version you don't prefer. Based on my experience, you may not always prefer the HDR version.
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    Thank you, but The HDR mode can not be deactivated rightt? Any photo will always be taken in HDR?
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    You're welcome.

    HDR mode can be enabled or disabled with the option to have this on or off available at the top middle of the screen with the camera selected.

    When enabled, there is an portion to save the regular version with the HDR version.
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    Understood and done! Thank you very much.