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Need help on adding Canon Pixma MX870 All-in-one wireless printer.
I have a Linksys Wireless-G router, Installed the software and driver to the main computer to recognized the wireless printer, My kids PC/Notebook print wirelessly, the printer is wirelessly attached to the router. Do I need to load the driver to the mac so it will recognized it.

Mac Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Have you tried reading the manual? I would think if it's already installed on your network then if you have done all the software updates on the MBP it will recognized the printer. Simply go to:

    System Preferences-Print & Fax-Click the + sign on bottom of the box on the left and the printer should be found. From there it's very intuitive.


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    My macbook recognized and found the printer from the network and add it. But when I try to send a document to print, It does not print anything. Am I missing anything do I need to load the driver from the CD that comes with the printer. Even if the macbook already recognized it. Does it means that mac has the printer driver only.
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    What I would recommend doing first is:

    System Preferences-Print & Fax-Highlight the printer then click the - Symbol to remove it next restart the computer.

    Then run Software Update to ensure you have the most up-to-date drivers.

    Then System Preferences Print & Fax, click the + symbol to add the printer then add it. Next restart the computer and try to print something.

    It it still will not print then go here and download & install Canon's most up-to-date software for the printer.

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    this may be a stretch, but how long are you waiting for the document to print? we received an hp piece of junk free when we bought our macbook pro at the apple store and it is connected wirelessly. we only turn it on when we need it but have found that the first print after turning it on takes....for.....ever.