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I have searched high and low for a setting or an app that will issue repeat audible alerts after a voice mail is received. Sometimes I am away from my phone (Yes, it can happen!) when the call comes in and I might not look at the phone or notice the visual alert for some time.

What I would like is for the phone to issue an audible alert every few minutes (ideally, the interval could also be set) until the message is retrieved or the alert is turned off.

This seems pretty basic to me and I'm surprised that it isn't included in the standard settings for the iPhone and even more surprised that there does not appear to be an app around that provides this functionality.

I found a couple of older threads suggesting that such a feature request be submitted to Apple feedback. I'm submitting this question to see, first if I'm missing something really obvious and second to find out if there anyone else thinks this might be a useful feature.


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