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  • jimpal Level 1 Level 1

    A 2mb line. That's your real problem. I'm surprised it works for you at all, but happy for you that it does.


    Consensus is that reliable speed of at least 6mb is necessary for good performance of ATV rentals and Netflix, etc. Need for reliable high speed is something I learned the hard way some months ago. It "just works," without any fiddling.

  • hjno72 Level 1 Level 1

    Jimpal, you are really emotional about this, sorry for you having to buy a apple time capsule.


    But can you for one moment consider that it possible that my solution works.


    This is my last reply.

  • jimpal Level 1 Level 1

    Whoa man. Emotional? I don't see anything emotional in my response at all. When you said your way works, I believed you. It looks like you have offered a solution which may help those with slow internet connections.


    I offered a more general and foolproof solution. It's clear ATV's will work better with a stronger internet connection and good gear. Many others say the same. It is certainly up to you or anyone to accept it or not. If you prefer your way, good on you!


    Think of me if your buffering problem returns. Adios. Have a good day.

  • Jacobfrom SC Level 1 Level 1

    Jimpal, 2 things.


    Firstly, simply because your ATV works for you doesn't mean it works for everybody.  I note that you say you have a Time Capsule, which means that you have an all Apple setup and maybe your Apples play together nicely, while the ATV doesn't play nicely with other brand routers.  Also, maybe the Netflix servers you talk to don't have the problem that other Netflix servers might have.  Depending on your geographic location, you might just get good servers.  Thus, to announce that your ATVs work great; ergo they work, is a false argument.


    Secondly, I can state quite definitively that my ATV2 worked for a good while with Netflix when I bought it and then it suddenly stopped working and suffered interminable buffering problems for a very long period for no apparent reason.  It was so bad that I basically had to set it aside for the most part and rely on my Roku.  Network speed was not an issue; my line was plenty quick, and I had no issues watching with my Roku, or on my computer.  At some point quite recently, these problems, at least for me, seem to have resolved themselves.


    PERSONALLY, I think there was about 18 mo ago a serious problem ATVs were having with Netflix.  If you scroll back in this thread, you will see the problem was quite widespread back in that timeframe.  I suspect at its root it had something to do with how ATVs work differently, not buffering video, but presenting it in real-time and varying picture quality based on bit rate.  Whether the problem was with the ATV or with bad implementation at Netflix, I don't know; although either way I SUSPECT Apple was turning a blind eye to it because they were happy with ATV owners having bad experiences with Netflix so they would purchase their media from iTunes.  Note in this regard that Netflix would have no incentive to ignore the problem.  Furthermore, whether the problem was with Apple or Netflix implementation, I blame Apple either way because it was their unit that worked differently from everybody else and they who allowed their users to suffer through the buffering nonsense for a very long time without working aggressively to fix it.  As the "cadillac" of computer equipment, it is simply not acceptable for their streaming device not to work flawlessly for all users with customary setups with the premier video streaming service, which however much they don't like it, is Netflix and not them.  If Netflix was screwing up the implementation, it was Apples DUTY to march an army of software engineers to Netflix' headquarters and fix Netflix's system for them if Netflix couldn't.  Again, I think this was willful neglect as they wanted to drive people to iTunes.  Anyway, at some point in the last 6-8 mo, this problem appears to have been resolved; at least for me.  Again, I don't know if it was because Apple finally realized that their reputation was suffering, or if Netflix finally dug in and worked it out.  I will note that I replaced my main router with an Airport Extreme recently, and so it may be that has helped; though I am pretty sure my ATV2 was working again with Netflix prior to installing the Apple router.  I do suspect Apple was involved in the eventual solution.  As we all know, Apple does not publicly admit when their products have problems and prefer to fix things silently in the background.  That's part of the reason the Apple maps fiasco was such a big deal...Apple actually publicly fell on its sword.  Usually it pretends everything's great and their customers love them so much they pretend their products have no problems.

  • jimpal Level 1 Level 1

    To Jacobfrom SC:


    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree with much of what you say, and feel comments like yours, hjno72's, and mine (even though different) may be helpful to those who read this forum. People can take them or leave them.


    Regarding a couple of your specifices:


    1. No, I don't think that just because mine works everyone else's should too. I've been around too long for that. What I did do was share what I did to get a reliable system after having a lot of trouble a couple of years ago.


    2. Yes, I do have an all-Apple system. I do believe they play together better, and that's why it has always been worth the money for me.


    3. I agree ATV's (mine included) were having problems with Netflix when you say. I was also having buffering problems with Apple movies at the same time. After many visits to this forum, where many good comments singled out the need for an excellent wireless internet connection, I decided to upgrade my system. First I upgraded the speed of my internet provider (Comcast), and second I re-located my wireless router in my home. Without any new Apple gear I hugely improved wireless internet speeds to my Apple TV's. The results were wonderful. Ergo, for me, the answer was a better internet system will make your ATV work better.


    So, in the spirit of spreading lessons-learned, that worked for me and has worked for others. We are all free to make our own decisions about whether or not to apply advice we receive here.


    Thanks again for your good thoughts.

  • John G NJ Level 1 Level 1

    I started having the same issue with movies buffering every few minutes and I changed the DNS as suggested in this thread.  I'm watching the last movie that was going buffer happy and it seems to be fine.  Though the true test will come later this evening when I watch it again at peak hours.  Thanks to all for their helpful suggestions and replies.

  • Technut000 Level 1 Level 1

    I believe I may have found a solution... I checked all of the settings in my network on the AppleTV, I moved the DNS server from automatic to manual and looked up what my DNS Server was on the internet for comcast. They have a list of different DNS servers. I tried looking in my computer's ipconfig with no luck, but found the info on the web. So far changing it to the correct DNS server seems to have corrected the problem. Of course time will tell.

  • craigreilly Level 1 Level 1

    1 month of watching Netflix on Apple TV and just started buffering issues tonight.


    The DNS shouldn't be the cause because that is simply name resolution. By time your movie starts, you have already resolved the IP address on where to get the movie from.


    Is this solution still helping your issue?

  • JimSoldierOn Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem folks are describing here.  The ATV 3 will stop sending signal for a second then it will pause the content.  I need to physically hit the play button again to get it going.  And in some cases after doing this the audio is out of sync with video.


    This is happening with the following apps:


    1.) iTunes Movies - purchased & rented movies. (less so then the apps below)

    2.) MLB TV

    3.) Hulu Plus

    4.) Netflix


    The ATV is wired via ethernet directly to our router that should be giving 50/30 speeds through FIOS.  The ATV is going via HDMI and Optical to a Denon AVR 590 then into a Vizio E500 series TV.  I have tried wireless and wired, and have also bypassed the AVR-590 and went directly to the TV.  The problem remains.  I am also using unblock us to get access to MLB but even changing the DNS to auto has not changed the behavior.


    I am really hoping someone can help me out here.  For me the problem seems to be the ATV and not the internet connection.

  • PaddyCaine Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all,


    I am considering purchasing an Apple TV, but the main reason I want it, is Netflix.  The problem is, is that my connection is around 2mb-3mb, so I am aware it would not be great.


    But am I right in thinking that the app will not let me buffer say a quarter of the movie, i.e  start play, pause it, go make my supper, come back and watch??


    Thanks for your help.

  • hjno72 Level 1 Level 1

    1. Netflix does not buffer (ie. pausing like in YouTube to download a bit of the movie does not work)

    2. Netfilx will downgrade quality based on line speed... normally happens when you are excessive using your line for other downloads.


    I started off with a 2mb line and the quality was good.

    I am now on a 4mb line and the quality is still good.

    I am in South Africa... so pretty far from the USA and SuperHD on Netflix play pretty well.


    I did have buffering (ie Netflix movie pausing) initially but I think at the time it was a bug in the AppleTV firmware. The solution I found was set the AppleTV to a fixed IP address.


    I now have 2 Apple TV's and no longer require to do the fixed IP setting, I belief the software got better

  • PaddyCaine Level 1 Level 1

    Hi hjno72,


    Thanks for that.  I just don't want to go out and buy one, for Netflix to be pretty much unusable,  I don't have to pause it to let it buffer on my laptop, so hopefully that is a sign it will be okay.  We shall have to see.



  • tommy2103.87 Level 1 Level 1

    Go into your Router settings and chance whats called the MTU size to 1480.



    My netflix worked like crap over ethernet for both my Apple TV and Roku.



    It;s blazing fast now.



    Also told a mate about this who could watch netflix but says it's even faster now.





  • Rferlic Level 1 Level 1

    I experience interruption on appleTV and Netflix but not Roku on same TV. Cox is my provider. Help

  • randblover Level 1 Level 1

    It worked. Thanks a bunch!