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Chris Arnold Level 1 Level 1
I'm new to this forum, but I have looked around to see if there was a solution to this issue, so far found nothing.

Basically when I'm in Safari my screen will all of the sudden start jumping around. It will zoom in and out, move left to right, up and down, all on its own. I can't click/touch on anything as its now unresponsive. When I exit it out I can no longer use any other app. All the icons are now non-responsive to touch. It won't let me shut down normally either as I have to do the home/power button reset to get it off and back on.

I've tried clearing my cookies, history, cache, yet same thing. I've noticed it happening when searching in Google, and when checking my football and hockey pools. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all but today its been almost every few minutes. Its not jailbroken, and i've done all the updates. It only started happening a few days ago and there's been no changes at all to the device.

Any help at all?

Please and thanks!