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Elisabeth Hogrefe Level 1 (15 points)
i have had my ipad for a week and it worked flawlessly that whole time. i connected to my wi-fi network at home and at the hotel where i'm currently staying. all of a sudden last night it would no longer connect, i get an error message. i left it off overnght but this morning the same thing happens. i tried presing the home button and the top button at the same time powering off and letting it sit. then i restored it through itunes. neither thing worked. it sees the network but won't connect. my mbp is connected to the same network just fine. what else can i do? i am out of town and not sure there is an apple store near me as i'm kinda in the sticks right now. i don't want to use up my 3g cell minutes everytime i want to use my ipad, as i've gotten used to using it for everything while i'm watching hulu on my computer. any suggestions are appreciated.

MBP 13" 2.53 ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.7), ipad, ipod classic and touch
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    What error message did you get? Have your reset Network Settings?
    (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

    Have you looked at:
  • Elisabeth Hogrefe Level 1 (15 points)
    i looked at the article in the link and i did everything that i could do to resolve the issue. i reset the network settings and it still doesn't work. i also powered off and tried it again, then restored my ipad from itunes and i still can't connect.
    i do not have access to the router since i'm at a hotel, however my mbp is currently connected (and has been for several days now) and it shows 3 bars of signal strength.
    the error message says "unable to join the network 'mtl256701'". this is the only available network and before yesterday, i was connected just fine for several days.
    i looked at appointments and the next appointment near me is tuesday afternoon, but since i am on a vet school rotation at an ambulatory practice, i do not make my hours and i do not know when i will be off so its difficult to schedule an appointment.
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    If you look at the network properties in settings, what IP address is being assigned to the iPad? If is starts with 169 it means that the iPad never really connected with the router. A 169 IP address is self assigned by the iPad instead of the iPad getting one from the router. How old is your router? Some older router do not seem to work with the iPad.
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    well, i have no idea what happened but its working now. i didnt do anything so i have no idea what was wrong but thanks all for your input.
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    I have had same problem. My ipad keeps dropping the wifi connection and defaulting to the 3G account. Problem is my wi-fi is working in my home right now, I'm actually on my laptop right now on the wi-fi connection w/ my laptop right next to my mouse a few inches away. I have a strong connection on my laptop but my ipad won't connect. I tried resetting by holding the power and button,resetting the network, turning the wi-fi off and back on through my pad settings, no change. I did see what you mention about 169 IP address. I rebooted the router which is only a year old. is there a recommended router? i'm frustrated, why won't it pick up the wifi? shows full bars in the settings