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I searched the site and most answers are for Yahoo mail. I am using a different ISP, and others who asked did not receive a response. Here's what happens:

- I read an email, and then delete it.
- On the next server connect, the email re-appears as un-read.
- I am forced to delete it via web email interface

Do I have the wrong setting or something? Please help!

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • phantom68 Level 1 Level 1
    have you tried the menus SETTINGS >MAIL>ACCOUNTS then select the account you use, then click ADVANCED tab, INCOMING SETTINGS menu DELETE FROM SERVER, select WHEN REMOVED FROM INBOX.

    This works for hotmail accounts. to set up hotmail go to ADD ACCOUNT & select OTHER TAB. then MAIL option, ADD MAIL ACCOUNT, just select what you want to call that account, the email address your password, & the desciption of that account.
    easy ! .The phone will then download the inbox folder only. for push email & all folders on hotmail select the MICROSOFT EXCHANGE OPTION in the ADD ACOUNT MENU. setup easy easy & will download all you folders & you can move emails between folders on the actual web servers (HOTMAIL)
  • roman Level 2 Level 2
    Unfortunately, that's what I already have for my settings.

    Are most people's emails deleting from the server once deleted from their iPhone?