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Fallout New Vegas Level 1 Level 1
Everytime i use itunes and try to burn a cd, it ejects it after 10 seconds of loading. it started happening last week and still wont stop! i need new cds someone please help!!

Imac G-5 I sight, Mac OS X (10.6.4), nun
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    Hello Fallout NV

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities

    To begin your computer is an Intel iMac not a G5, the last G5's were built in 2005 and will not run 10.6 Snow Leopard. I will ask the host to move your thread to the Intel iMac section of the Forum.

    You do not say what brand of blank CDs you are currently using, so it's hard to recommend anything more than resetting the PRAM and trying another brand.

    1. Reset the iMac's Pram, see > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379

    2. Try a different brand in a 5 or 10 pack.

    Then if your Superdrive is still not working properly, you will need to contact Apple Support or your Apple Store and take the iMac in for service.

  • dvd eject Level 1 Level 1
    My imac is doing the same disc keeping popping out and not being read very frustrating considering not even 2yrs old.. My pc that i use at wrk more then my mac @ home has been running more 4yrs+ and had only 1 minor repair needed. This is my first mac and is going to be my last!!! even costumer service is crappy.
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    Hi - my CD drive will not burn disks, as after clicking Burn it somehow locks them, and after 4 or 5% of burning will throw up an error message and then say it cannot burn a locked disk - which indeed shows as locked, even though it was not to begin with. Any ideas?
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    Thanks to a very helpful Apple Genius Bar expert, I have just saved over £100. After reading this forum I tried everything suggested to get my superdrive to accept my DVDs and to get my iDVD to produce a slideshow. After two weeks of frustration I took the whole iMac to the shopping mall. The genius reached into the counter draw and held a can of compressed air.After a minute of squirting the air into the dvd slot all my prayers had been answered. He told me that cleaning the drive like this work on about a third of all his clients. I have now bought a can of compressed air from Amazon for £4 and have it ready for the next problem the arises. (I have tried the same technique on the unruly kids, but it does not seem to work on them!)
  • synchrogent Level 1 Level 1
    Hurrah - many thanks for the compressed gas hint. One day later it reached the point where not only would it not record, and burn, but no old audio or other CDs were recognised; one can of gas, squirted through the slot, and all problems have disappeared. Success!
  • WarriorAnt Level 4 Level 4
    How long did you squirt the compressed air? 10 seconds, a minute. The entire can?
  • kottke Level 1 Level 1
    I have found several notes I consider regarding the problem of my iMac not reading commercial-bought CDs and ejecting them.

    1. CDs that do not work in my iMac nearly always work in my Macbook Pro drive (my MBP is also a couple years older than my iMac, and my iMac has always had this CD-reading problem). I then screen share from my MBP to my iMac's iTunes window and export/import the tracks.
    2. Even scratched CDs insert and stay inserted in my iMac's disc drive; they just will hang on the import when it tries to read the scratched part of the CD. So I don't think scratches are part of the CD reading issue.
    3. There is no clear rhyme or reason I can see regarding which CDs are readable by my iMac or not. Non-reading/ejection can happen with all-new CDs from the exact same box set/artist/company/year while others from the same set read perfectly. This may be because there is something my naked eye cannot see, but I recently noticed that two CDs that would not read both had uneven data 'edging' (not the plastic of the CD but the actual silver data material inside the plastic).
    4. Sometimes after inserting a disc and having it ejected 10 times, it will read on the 11th time (or 15th, or 26th, etc.)
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    same problem