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Is there an app like a Task Killer that will end any app that might be running in the background so it doesn't drain your battery? I am noticing my battery gets drain a lot faster now. I haven't even had my iPod Touch a whole year yet. I have a (do I dare say it?) Droid cell phone and I have a task killer app that will kill anything that may be running in the background without me knowing or realizing it.

Does anything like that exist within the Apps store?

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    I suspect that you know apply double clicking the HOme button brings up running apps at the bottom of the scree. If you touch and hold any of the those apps a minus sign appears by all apps and the apps wiggle you touch the minus sign to close that app. You click Home one to stop the wiggling and get rid of the minus sign.
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    Okay cool, I just tried it, so I hope that works! LOL!
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    I, for one, did NOT know that! I've been having the same problem, loosing battery life when I thought the iPod was shut down. Just tried your solution and find that the 4 apps at the bottom of the screen had all been running. I'll know tomorrow if that solved the problem. Cheers.