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I''m so ****** this is happening; I want to know why Song//purchased from ITUNES STORE Disappear after awhile from my playlists!! I purchased them...then I'm able to play for like 2 months; THEN THEY DISAPPEAR!! what the **** is the matter with them? I'm not going to purchase a song TWICE!!! What- the....??

Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    There is no reason for them to disappear from your library, unless you delete them. The songs are no longer in your library? Or are they just gone from the purchased playlist?

    You should always have a backup copy.
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    I can't get my Ibooks or purchased music. My computer crashed and so far finding no help here.
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    RoamingGnome: Nope, no song at all..either my 'purchased list..OR my library. Song DISAPPEARED without notice. Can't find it..went thru my 3500 song library..and no..NO song. what happened? this has happened before......I'm on an INTEL Mac, 10.4.11 Tiger..
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    Can't imagine what happened, but if they are in your purchases history, you can try reporting a problem with the purchase:


    Apple should respond within a day, but since you apparently have failed to maintain a backup of your purchases, there is likely not much they can/will do.

    Why do you not maintain a backup copy?
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    WHY not backup the playlist? WHY...I mean, that's like saying;"Why not buy - a Gun"...
    Because, I don't want to. IF I PURCHASED the songs they should STAY in my ITUNES for good.
    This is like a criminal act for the songs to just disappear after purchasing them.
    ....and no..." I didn't accidentally hit 'the delete button..".......
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    Because, I don't want to.

    IF I PURCHASED the songs they should STAY in my ITUNES for good.

    and if they don't?
    Are they on your hard drive still? Look in /Music/iTunes/iTunes media. Note that this is not your library. This is simply the iTunes media folder.
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    Seems I'm having a similar problem where songs on my purchased playlist for the same artist and different albums disappeared (exclamation point on song names and message saying they can't be located). I went back to my iTunes account to redownload them and don't have access to the download button for those songs. They're grayed out and read "downloaded".


    I back up but haven't lately thinking I was safe. I once contacted Apple about another purchased song that all of a sudden had a glitch in it. I went back to redownload it and had the grayed out button. Apple reactivated it, no reason given as to why it was deactivated BUT I discovered the song downloaded from my "cloud" purchased playlist had the same glitch in it where it didn't before. So, I'm guessing that the songs on the cloud are syncing to our playlists on our computers. Which is disconcerting. I know Idid not accidently throw out the songs for the same artist and different albums. So, something sinister's up. I'm contacting Apple with this concern and will post the results.

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    Seems there's no answer as to why songs disappear. But if you delete the missing songs purchased from iTunes from your music library then go to your purchased list in your online iTunes account, you're able to re-download those songs. As for music obtained from other sources other than the iTunes store, unless you have a backup somewhere, you're SOL. Use Timemachine to keep current backups and always keep an updated full backup of your entire music library on another hard drive, preferably external.


    Bon chance.