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  • ATait Level 1 Level 1
    release 10.1 did for a few days but now back to normal problems. I think its the false hopes that are the worst. would prefer to just face the facts that apple tv is a useless square piece of black plastic
  • smithj12 Level 1 Level 1
    I have this problem with my Apple TV too. Prior to having the new Apple TV, I was using the Airport Express to play music from my iTunes library through the audio system in my living room via Air Tunes. I used the Apple Remote app on the iPhone to control this. It also had the same issue constantly.

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  • sdevan Level 2 Level 2
    I may have a handle on this. I have the same problem. Dropped connections all the time. Try turning blue tooth off on your phone or iPad. As soon as I did that and restarted the device, the problem vanished. If you need bluetooth, going to your computer and launching a song from within iTunes seems to get things back on track for a while.
  • jjdaven Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem. I am using a intel imac and have bluetooth off on my computer and still have the same issue. I have tried turning off home sharing and back on again but that doesn't work all the time either.

    I found something that seems to work most of the time so I don't have to keep getting up and unplugging the ATV. I hold down the Menu and Play/Pause buttons at the same time till the white light on the front of the ATV flashes and that restarts the ATV. Then it usually picks up the signal from my imac again and I don't have to get up at least. Sometimes I have to do it twice. But that has been the only thing that has worked so far for me. Hope they have a real fix soon!
  • Adam Nash Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue. Running iTunes 10.1. AppleTV regularly "loses" the computer. Only solution is for me to go turn off home sharing on iTunes, then turn it back on.

    100% reproducible within 48 hours.

    I never shut down my Mac - can't figure out the pattern why it happens.

    I have two AppleTVs - one on wifi, one on ethernet. Happens to both.
  • Zombify Level 1 Level 1
    Strangely enough, this used to happen to me, but for some odd reason, the past week it's been connected pretty stable. No changes have been made. One thing I do notice is that when I try to connect to the Apple Remote using my iPhone, and then try and locate my iTunes library through Home Sharing, it disconnects the connection from Apple TV to iTunes.
  • DonNab73 Level 1 Level 1
    I have same problem with the addition that I cannot access iTunes store particularly at busy times.

    The AppleTV will not use File Sharing without a connection to the Store and I have trouble connecting and holding that connection during busy hours.

    It means I cannot see or hear material I have paid for in my sitting room TV, but they work fine on my computer in the study just yards away.

    It is an iTunes capacity problem(expensive to fix with hardware) or some kind of restriction to keep control of movie rentals.

    The iTunes discussion pages contain lots of moans about lilkly capacity problems.
  • nich-sb Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem. Wireless hookup. The device worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks but now drops the connection to iTunes after a few minutes. Power cycling the ATV, restarting the computer or any other trick does not help. Never drops connection to Netflix. This irritating behavior pretty much renders the device useless.
  • kbixby Level 1 Level 1
    Getting tired of it myself. Like others, my ATV2 can still connect to the internet (Netflix, YouTube) but can't locate Home Sharing. The easiest solution seems to be power cycling the wireless router.
  • maddog-99 Level 1 Level 1
    Same exact problem for me.
    I have 2 ATVs (new ones) and a totally Apple environment.

    After a few hours or a day, the ATV loses the ability to find my stuff on my Mac.
    All other works.

    I had been going into my Mac & restarting iTunes. This always works & fixes is (feels like re-authenticating). Im going to try the Homeshare on/off solution posted.

    Apple. this is chinsy networking stuff you usually have down pat. Please fix ASAP.
  • Tiamot Level 1 Level 1
    This *****!
    I'm a huge apple fan since 1984, but this new apple tv is driving me and my family nuts. It will stop playing movies before they are over and stop slideshows.
    The workaround is rebooting the apple tv. I thought the reboot was only a windows fix.
    Apple fix this ASAP. I'm embarrassed to play contend on my new appletv in front of my windows friends in fear that I may need to reboot it.
    At least with my previous apple tv I had local storage so I could play a few movies off the local hard drive without worrying about network connectivity.
  • j9woo Level 1 Level 1
    I am sooooo fed up with my 3 week old Apple-TV (2).

    Like many others I am suffering repeated loss of connectivity to the itunes library. On some occasions the problem fixes it itself (my library re-appears) and on others I execute a random series of remedial steps including turning home-share off/on, visiting the Apple-TV network settings, shutting down itunes etc etc. It always comes back (eventually) - but I am not convinced that any of this is required - if you wait long enough.

    If it is any help to those who patently dont read this forum but do release software without testing it, my environment comprises:
    - WAG 160N router
    - New Mac Mini running latest version of OSX and itunes (wired to router)
    - AppleTV 2 - wirelessly connected and running latest version of 'software'

    I have tried changing router config (was G-protocol, WEP, 2.4/40 Mhz wide-band, channel 13, QoS on) it is now N-protocol, WPA2, 2.4/20 Mhz narrow-band, channel 7, QoS off. I have also tried each of the settings isolated from other changes - no improvement.

    I have tried switching on the airport on the Mac Mini - with/without the ethernet - no improvement

    I have tried static IP addresses on the Apple TV - no improvement.

    Finally, there are a few potentially (?) important symptoms that manifest immediately after a loss of connection:
    a) I am unable to use my ipad to 'desktop-connect' to the Mac Mini - it seems that the wireless network is flooded. I'm guessing that this could be the Apple TV thrashing around in my itunes database (160GB of data)
    b) Sometimes the Apple TV loses the thumbnails for the internet apps (and associated connectivity).
    c) There are no errors in the router log file

    Apple. Please read/respond to this thread. You only have a couple of days before I take this junk back to the shop. I wondering how many of the million Apple-TV2 customers are thinking the same thing?
  • Marc Level 1 Level 1
    Every since the latest software updates the loss of connectivity to the iTunes library has been fixed for me; at least I have not had any drop outs.

    The other problems concerning a black screen have also greatly improved. With the first software revision I had to basically turn on/off ATV2 every time after turning on my AV receiver without seeing the interface. Now it more or less works much better.

    I hope that this trend will carry on.
  • j9woo Level 1 Level 1
    I've just ruled out the wireless connection to the Apple TV - as I am now connected via a Belkin Powerline adapter - and I am still losing the connection. I have also done a full reset on the Apple TV, a full reset on the WAG160N and I rebooted the Mac Mini (the one with the itunes library).

    I don't think I have any other options left, other than a visit to a shop with a recently purchased Apple TV.
  • Mattles Level 1 Level 1
    yep, also having same problem.
    my ATV 2nd Gen just looses it's connection to my MacBook Pro / iTunes after about an hour each time.

    Only way to fix it is to disconnect power from ATV2 and plug back in again.

    Same symptoms happen with the iPhone 4 remote app when it's controlling the ATV2.

    Might try swapping it for another one at the Apple Genius Bar. Faulty wireless card?
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