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    Sorry typo;

    I meant the receiver will "Decapsulate" the TCP package.


    Also apology for the double posting.

  • JGLA Level 1 Level 1



    I have a similar issue, I can be using the home share on the Apple TV3 then all of a sudden, it won't play a new selection and spins accessing my home share (never during a show mind, always trying to start one).


    It was time to get out the network analyser to see what was failing and this is the result:


    1> Periodically the ATV3 is broadcasting a multicast discovery packet to locate the host server that is running the home share, i.e. it's trying to locate the IP of the systems running iTunes.  Most of the time all home share systems respond to this discovery request and all works well.

    2> At some point in time, for unknown reasons, the mDNSResponder service on teh machine running iTunes simply doesn't respond to the ATV3's broadcast and from that point on the ATV3 cannot access the home share.  Why the ATV3 seems to 'forget' the IP of the iTunes home share system who knows but the failure of the bonjour/mDNSresponder service to answer the ATV3's broadcast seems to be the root cause of the issue here. This is likely iTunes failing to respond to the discovery notification from the mDNSresponder service rather than the mDNSresponder service in itself.  Coincidentially, restarting iTunes causes iTunes to re-register with the mDNSresponder service which is why everything comes back to life at that point.

    3> Therefore the question to Apple is this: "Why does iTunes 11 periocidally stop responding to bonjour discovery broadcasts and thus render the home share inaccessible?"


    If anyone is in conversation with Apple please pass this information along.

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    Ditto to every single post on this particular issue.  Fact of the matter is, Steve would not have released garbage onto the market until it was absolutely flawless (if there is such a thing), but as a couple of post earlier alluded to the fact, iTunes 11 (The **** issuance!) has me hopping up every single time I want to use my Apple TV.  It makes no sense that I can be watching a great movie and then all of a sudden, connection to iTunes disappears!  ***!  Anywho, I have all the versions of Apple TV, even the original which right now is the only that is working w/o the above issue because you can actually burn the movie to it's independent Hard Drive.  No need to be tethered to the iTunes.  As someone put it earlier, this may be the last time I put down my good hard earned money for anything Apple produces.


    What I ask Apple, respond with a fix, and make us believers again as opposed to just putting out products to keep ahead of the Jonses.


    Nuff said

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    Having just checked, I'm going with an emphatic NO.


    I have connectivity to my Apple TV2, can listen to iRadio, watch a movie, can even see my music and graphics from a remote machine, and after disconnecting and reconnecting via Home Server to listen to a song...


    I generally get the spinning cursor of death.  Not always though.  Last night I starting a Genius playlist and walked away.  Twenty minutes later the first song on the list played, and then more spinning cursor.


    It's a problem, and Apple's ignoring it.  Again.  Or is that still?


    If only we could go back a few versions on the software to one that worked reliabily.


    Fondly remembering the original Apple TV with a hard disk today.  It worked for years without failing.

  • emmaco Level 1 Level 1

    BTW, it was with version


    If anyone out there cares at Apple.

  • emmaco Level 1 Level 1

    I too had the problem, and hopefully have solved it.


    Running Windows 7 with an Apple TV2, iTunes



    One of the earlier posters with a network analyzer sorted the problem, and hopefully this configuration solves it.  Mind you I've only had it running for a hour or so, but all the issues have vanished.


    Apple's Bonjour is a program loaded onto Windows computers which allows DNS information to be shared between devices....


    Click on Start


    In the search programs and files box,


    Enter "services.msc"


    Select "services"


    RIGHT click on "Bonjour Server"   {DO NOT UNINSTALL IT}


    Select "Properties"


    Select "Automatic"


    Select "Allow service to interact with desktop"


    Apply, Save, reconnect via Home Server.


    Check it out- would like to read your results.


    So far, so good.   If it messes you up, I'll take no blame.

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    I've tried everything over the course of several months and this is my official  FIX.




    1.   Open "System Preferences".   ( computer only), (Windows computer unknown)

    2.   Open "Network".

    3.   Click on the "Sprocket with down arrow".

    4.   Select "Make Service Order"

    5.   Move the connection your using (Wifi, Ethernet, etc.) to the top, and click Apply.

    6.   If you selected Ethernet, then turn OFF Wifi in the top menu.

    7.   Shut DOWN your computer and then restart after completely shutting down.


    Done, and your welcome!


    MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2012 15.4"2.6GHz i7 QC HRA SSD256GB

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    I was having the same problem... i know this is an old topic but I managed to configure my home router with an IP reservation via MAC Address for both the pc hosting iTunes and the Apple TV.  Apple TV finds iTunes each time.



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