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  • laugher Level 1 Level 1
    Zombify wrote:
    Does anyone know of the new version of iTunes fixes this problem? I'm referring to the one that was released las week.

    I suspect you will find that the Apple TV is switching off the wireless to save power. That's why you see it disconnecting. Especially when it is not in use.

    As I mention in another post, the Apple TV is now based on the same operating system as the iPod, iPhone and iPads. When you switch those devices off, the wireless also goes to sleep. I suspect the Apple TV hasn't been tweaked to leave the wireless permanently on.
  • j9woo Level 1 Level 1
    I agree (re: wired vs wireless). When I tried a wired connection the situation got worse - 45 seconds + trying to connect to the library (spinwheel showing).

    So, (for me at least), wireless-N is ok, wireless-G is faster and wired is the slowest of all. Exactly the reverse of what the bit-rates would suggest!! Regardless of network type it continues to drop the connection at random intervals.

    To me, this looks like a home-share conflict with the network layer. What I find really strange is that it is worse with a wired ethernet connection. Surely Apple couldn't have got their wired-ethernet stack wrong?

    I also doubt if Apple have got the right software architecture for this. The very fact that leaving a drop-down menu open on itunes stops the home-share connection from working indicates that Apple TV should be a separate server-side component
  • BaldockRuss Level 1 Level 1
    I recently had a problem with my Home Sharing. One minute it was fine then the next, Gone?! Tried everything, re-installing,Unplugging leads, login in and out, etc I phoned Applecare and got through to the greatest Geek known to man. Basically it turned out that it was down to my BtHomeHubb. A confliction with the wifi on Apple TV and the Hub. I've seen allot of this problem on line so i hope that this helps all you dissappointed Apple TV people who suddenly lose there Home Sharing. Best bet would be to speak to Applecare and get them to walk you through like they did with me. I really wont be able to walk you through. Its a case of getting into your Hubb and changing some settings under "Wireless"
  • j9woo Level 1 Level 1
    Ok, so I've solved my Apple TV problems - but not in a way that is going to be useful for many other people? As a reminder, I was unable to stream itunes HD content to my Apple TV via my Linksys WAG160N wireless router. It sort of worked with G, was really bad with N - and actually didn't work at all when I tried a wired connection!

    The solution? I swapped the router with the bog-standard Sagem router that came with my Sky broadband package. I have adopted all of the same parameters as before (G protocol only, but with WPA2 etc) - and all is ok. For the first time I managed to view a whole episode of House with having to footle with Home Sharing.

    So, is this a universal solution? No. Does this explain why a wired connection didn't work properly? No. Are there still issues with the networking layer in Apple TV? Yes.

    I've just ordered an Airport Extreme to see if I can rebuild my N-network using Apple only kit. In some ways I hope it doesn't work - as otherwise I would have then fallen into the trap of giving Apple even more of my money for getting their poorly tested software to work.

    Now, all I need to figure out is why my I get 1 or 2 seconds of frozen frames every 15 mins when playing the same content directly from the machine that has the itunes library. I reckon that this is a conflict with Time Machine... Here we go again.
  • chrisjwarrington Level 1 Level 1
    I'd be interested to hear whether the Airport Extreme solves the problems.

    I've been having the same issues with a new Apple TV in that it loses connection to itunes or it simply shows endless 'spinning wheels'! I'd come to the conclusion that I needed to have an apple only network (hmmm spend £150 to make a £100 device work).

    I'll keep trying but this morning had more or less decided to take it back and abandon the whole thing!
  • j9woo Level 1 Level 1
    Hi chrisjwarrington,

    I can absolutely confirm that the connectivity issues have gone away with the Sky Sagem router providing a wireless-G network only. The Apple TV works as it should do - and hasn't lost the home share for 48 hours or so. All HD, SD and DVD content from itunes plays ok without any pauses or frozen frames. When the Airport Extreme arrives I will keep the Sky box as the ADSL modem (only) and use the AE box for G-network for the AppleTV and N-network for the other devices.
  • Jebediah_Humperton Level 1 Level 1
    Hi y'all, I'm experiencing my own variation on the ATV2 Airplay connection issue theme. My connection drops a few minutes after it's streaming music from iTunes and then iTunes thinks that someone is using the ATV2. iTunes won't let me choose the device on the "multiple speakers" panel until I turn Airplay off and then back on (then it drops it again a few minutes later.) Like Leonard Cohen says, "'til then I'll be waiting...for the miracle to come..." (hopefully in the form of a comprehensive software update.)
  • Muzzaw Level 1 Level 1
    C'mon Apple how about some action..this is a joke. Millions of loyal customers believed the hype but ATV/Homesharing/AP Express and Extreme are collectively well short of expectations.
    Tell us when we can expect fixes and start enjoying the equipment in the way it was intended. All i'm seeing here is work arounds, more expense and complication the average person shouldnt have to encounter in a premium brand.
  • maddog-99 Level 1 Level 1
    I want to keep this alive & aware as no posts on here since January.

    I have the same problem still (maybe worse) that I reported earlier in the thread.
    Im completely apple: latest router, 2 appletv2s, dual core mac in the office... I have the lastest 10.2 on itunes & latest on ATVs.

    The ATVs routinely/daily DROP my homesharing ability. I have to drop & restart homesharing on the ATV to get it back. ALL other functionality works: rent movies, tv, nextflix, youtube, etc.

    It is a software issue & I need this fixed.
    It is why I pay more for Apple & remain happy: No monkeying around like w/ Windows crap.

    Any help / suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  • priestjudas Level 1 Level 1
    I am in Canada. I am having the same problem. I have iTunes library open on my computer, I have Home Sharing turned on in my library and also on Apple TV, yet the prompt I get from Apple TV is to "Turn On Home Sharing". A strange thing, on Friday night I received to prompt to update iTunes 10, which I did. When I tried to bring up my library on Apple TV after installing the download, it actually worked. However, the next time I tried, I got the former message to "Turn On Home Sharing". Very frustrating.
  • Hamadali Level 1 Level 1
    Happening to me too. Cuts out just after 1h into a film, every time. Very annoying, I can't believe they are ignoring this thread.
  • Mike3160 Level 1 Level 1
    No reply....really??? I think the best solution is for all of us to take this underdeveloped toy back to apple and get our money back. It is not the point of issues, but not to even give advise or a timeline for a fix is uncalled for.
  • paton Level 2 Level 2
    im getting this too o have to reset my router to get it working again it seems to loose connection to the network... its the spple tv because my comps connect still just the apple tc gets lost but when i look my router says the apple tv is still there...... ggrrrrrrrr its so annoying how can i fix this??

    HELP please
  • 44salem Level 1 Level 1
    So it's not just me?

    I have updated everything I own and I'm still having drop issues. The latest is the apple tv speakers keep disappearing from iTunes. When I turn Airport off and on, they reappear. I'm using Time Capsule (fully updated), MacBook just updated to 10.6.6, just updated iTunes, just updated iPhone with remote app. I updated Apple TV this morning. I have one more week to return it, and that's where I am headed right now. So disappointing!!

    I've also had issues with the remote, which I've unpaired from my macbook but it continues to operate the laptop.
  • 58kiwi Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problems as all you guys; Apple TV connection drop-out, airplay connectivity issues with homeshare, etc, etc..

    Everything was corrected when I installed a Airport Extreme.

    Connected two PCs to the Airport Extreme via Ethernet (Cat5) and One PC laptop, an iPad, three iPhones, and Apple TV via wireless - all work well. It did error on setup but after a couple of resets the config utility recommended a bridge connection which it installed. I installed the Airport extreme to try and fix the airplay connectivity issue with homeshare and the Apple TV drop-out - It fixed everything, all working seamlessly

    Hope this helps as it was really frustrating for me also
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