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Sorry if this is a repeat question; I'm not all that proficient in all the terms and language everyone uses here, so I may have seen the answer in my search, but just not known what I was reading.

My MBP won't remember my wireless AirPort Extreme Router after coming out of sleep mode. My wife's PC connects to it with no problem every time, but my MBP will not.

I always have to click on "Join Other Network" and fill in the network name and password. Once I do that I connect and operate without any trouble. But it won't reconnect after waking up from sleep mode. It seems to connect to it without any problem when I first start the computer or do a restart, just not when waking up.

It used to remember it without any problem, but sometime back after an update it stopped.

If anyone can assist I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank You.

17" MacBook Pro (Original), Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 3GS w/ iOS4
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