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hi i really need help! :/
my iPod has frozen, I've been using it as removable disc to transfer some files,but while i was transferring the last file,i need to disconnect it from my computer and i did that without pressing "safely remove device from computer" and that's when the frizzing happened then I've reset it manually as usual and then for the first time it shown "use iTunes to restore". I've tried every technique for restoring it but nothing works,when i use iTunes to restore,it does the whole "restoring" thing but when it finally finishes it says do the same procedure again (this was with version 7.6 of iTunes) because with the 10th version just starts restoring it and it stops just a few seconds after ( The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1439) ). I've tried changing the usb port,updating the drivers,reconnecting the iPod several time,restoring it in disk mode,trying different versions of iTunes,using different computers, different cables, but nothing works. I've even tried to restore it using mac laptop with fire-wire (but when using the fire-wire didn't even recognized the iPod as a device) so I've tried with usb port on the mac laptop but even that didn't work (only the error was different error 1430 ). only LINUX is able to format it but thats about it! then I've tried the diagnostic mode and nothing,everything seems to be fine,but it still doesn't restores!

Could somebody PLEASE help!!!!!

Windows XP Pro