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People I just really need some help!
I hope that some of laptop (non Mac) users have faced such problem! My Acer' wi-fi card (Intel 510) can't be used as an access point by Connectify program http://www.connectify.me/docs/supportedcards.html... But this card should share internet and files wireless. BTW, wi-fi network is clearly seen and running well on my Ipod Touch and Samsung Wave! Any changes within Connectify (Ad-Hoc Open or Wep, Internet source and ect.) and W7 didn't give me any results. I can't see wi-fi network in the Apple TV list (manual IPs and DNSs don't help too) and can't use HomeSharing =( Apple TV says me smth like "wrong pass"! I've seen some info about VPN internet troubles then using Apple TV, well I'm just using VPN for my internet connection...
So, I'm a little shocked with my present, have seen only screensavers yet =(

Waiting for some advises...

Acer 3810TG, Windows 7, Core2Duo (1.4GHz), ATI 4330, HDD 320Gb, HDMI, WiFi, BT