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I just purchased my iPad last week. When I am at home, or anywhere with a wi-fi connection, I turn the cellular and data to "off". I have not had the cellular on for several days. Today, I received three different "alerts" from AT&T - first one that I had 14% data usage left, then 10%, and now 1% left.

With the cellular and data turned off, the iPad should not be using it at all, correct?

I read another post, and someone said that AT&T may be behind in recording the data usage - so I am hoping this is the case, but it has been about 5 days since I've had the cellular/data turned on.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    With cellular switched off there is no cellular usage. With cellular on Push and notification can use up data when you are not aware. Also, if you have wifi and cellular on and are using data and for some reason you loose wifi it will automatically switch to cellular. It is best to turn cellular off except when you want to use cellular.
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    I am having the same problem. I bought a 250mb plan last week because I was out of town. I used it on the 14th for a few emails and turned it off. The usage data in Settings showed 11mb used. Used it on the 15th to view part of a streamed ABC TV show, then turned it off. Usage said 22mb used.

    I left Cellular Data turned off till 7 am this morning when I turned it on just to check it. It said 157 used, 93 free. I turned it off (it had been off for almost 7 days). I thought, well, maybe the true total amount of usage from the TV show on the 15th may have been slow to post. I had it turned on for less than 5 minutes this morning. Tonight, I got an email saying I only had 16% of my usage left, so I turned it on to log on and check the numbers, and had advanced to 211 used, 39mb free.

    I would expect with Cellular Data switch turned off, I should NOT be using anything. But clearly, somehow, it is. Even if the 157 used this morning was accurate, it should not use 57mb to just check the usage. I think something is wrong with it. If I have cellular turned OFF in Settings, then it should either use WiFi if it can find it, or use nothing.

    Insight, please? thanks in advance!

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    I am having the same issue. I just called AT&T and canceled my account until I can speak to a non-emergency support person tomorrow. I will let you know how I make out. I have had my 3G iPad since 4/30/2010, and this is the first time this has happened. Let's see if At&t owns up to the issue being on their side. I use so little 3G data usage, that my typical usage is around 50mb /month.
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    I'll be interested in hearing what you find out!

    I did speak to AT&T over the weekend about mine, for quite awhile. The explanation was delayed updating... though the lady said the delay should be more like 1-4 hours after closing your session, not DAYS. And that it won't tally your data usage until whatever you are doing is really completed, i.e., close down the browser or whatever. (Well, I was traveling and was powering my iPad down totally several times during my week in question, so most certainly my sessions were closed.)

    AT&T can look at your account in more detail than the customer can see, and can see what time you connected and for how long and how much data was used. What she was telling me over the phone about my usage sounded valid, but I wish we could see that ourselves. She affirmed there is no way for the customer to see that information, since the iPad 3G data plans are pre-paid.

    Elsewhere in this forum, I have seen references to and recommendations for 2 apps, DataMan and Download Meter. I might try one of those to see if it tells me what we are looking for.
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    I am have a similar problem with my Verizon 4g iPad 3.  When I have the cellular data turned off, it comes on from time to time and of course uses my data allowance.  How can I fix?

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    I am have a similar problem with my ATT 3g iPad 2.  I think if I keep the cellular off, I do not use any data, but my email doesn't update.  I think it may be related to my last OS update.  Went through a ton of data 4 GB.  That never happened in the past.  Something has changed - just don' know what.

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    There was a bug in Verizon iPhone 5s and Verizon issued a fix so that you would not use cellular data while on WiFi, for more info see: