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hello all,

i've got a little issue - two of the thin black rubber feet on the bottom of my macbook pro have just come off - i still have them so i don't need to buy any replacements i hope - i just need to know how to put them back on. they have little protruding spots on them and the macbook pro underside has little corresponding pinholes but just pushing them back in is not working. there is no sign of any adhesive being used.

any help is much appreciated.

many thanks.


macbook pro 15" 2.53ghz 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hardware or electronics stores generally sell some type of stick-on rubber feet. Peel the other two off, glue on four new feet and off you go!
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    If your local Apple Store cannot help you, I have noted a few links for you to check out.


    Good luck, and let us know.
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    I tried using strong double sided tape, but it only lasted a few months. I ended up taking my laptop into the Apple store to see what could be done. My MacBook was the first unibody, so my only option was to replace the entire bottom case. Initially, they wouldn't cover the damage under Apple Care. It took a bunch of arguing and talks with the manager to get my MacBook fixed under warranty and at no cost. The Genius Bar claimed the feet were just cosmetic. I'm not sure this helps you, but it's my foot story.

    FYI: The manager did say the design was updated to allow the individual foots to be replaced. This would apply to your situation. I'm not sure of the steps, but my local store said it could be done.

    Good luck.
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    thank you for your replies so far.

    funny that my warranty runs out today, i've booked an appointment at the genius bar in my local apple store - hopefully they'll be able to fix this, within my warranty terms, as the booking was made while it was still active. online, i've only managed to find replacement feet, that are either self adhesive or are applied with a glue, for the older powerbook type models, not the unibody models.

    i'll get back to this when i get back from the genius.

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    I had the same problem (2 fell off). I called Apple Care phone support and they said to take it to the Genius Bar and they should be able to fix it. Went to the store 2 days ago and told then what the problem was and the Genius said that they cannot replaced the feet even though I had them, instead they have to replace to whole bottom case which was covered under warranty. So I am happy I am just waiting for them to call me when to part comes in. Also FYI the work order they gave me showed to part only costing 44.95 if it wasn't covered by warranty, which I didn't think was too bad.
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    well, i went to the apple store last week, and just as you said, the genius said that the only way to get the feet back on is by using glue, but that wouldn't be good so they're going to replace the whole of the bottom panel. i'm just waiting for the call saying they've got one in stock...
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    so, today i finally got the call saying the bottom panel had arrived - went to the apple store, handed the macbook pro over, got it back half an hour later with a new bottom panel an all four feet in place. just to note, the new panel doesn't have a serial number on it and all the design and technical info is 'printed' on it, not laser etched as with the original.

    thank you for all your replies.