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Hi, hoping someone can tell me how to get the actual Ringtone Tab to appear in iTunes 10 when iPhone is connected?
The only tabs that show are: Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Photos.
I purchased a ringtone from iTunes Store which shows in my library, music section (both on MacBook & iPhone) but won't let me drag to library, ringtones section on my Mac.
I looked up how to create my own ringtone from songs etc but without the Ringtone Tab how will I sync these to my phone...

Any help is appreciated

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • JoeMY Level 1 (120 points)
    Is the file you purchased from iTunes Store a .mpa or .mpr file ?

    If its .mpa then right click inside iTunes to create AAC version. Delete that new copy from iTunes but select "keep file" in the dialog box that comes up. Locate this file and rename it to .mpr. Once you click the .mpr file it should show up in your iTunes ringtone folder. All ringtone files must be less than 40 seconds length.

    Hope this helps.
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    It says it's a AAC file, under info, Kind: Purchased AAC audio file.
    My main question is why the Ringtones Tab when you plug in the iPhone doesn't even show up... does this only show if you have a ringtone in the computer's library/ringtone area?

    Edit: Ok, copied & pasted file into the library/ringtone area on Mac in iTunes 10 but I still can't sync this to iPhone as Ringtones Tab doesn't show - any suggestions?

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    Does the .mpr file you created shows up in the iTunes ringtone tab? Please also check the ringtone is less than 40 seconds length or it wont sync over to iPhone.
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    I didn't create one, it was purchased from iTunes (on my phone) as a ringtone & is 29 seconds long. When I synced it appeared in the library on my Mac, I tried dragging into ringtones but couldn't so copied & pasted it down which worked.
    Still don't know why the Ringtones Tab itself doesn't show though? The only tabs showing when iPhone is connected are listed in first post.
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    I have the same problem but my son who has an iPhone3 has ringtones as a tab.
    You'd also think if you purchased the ringtone from iTunes, it should be in a format that would work on the iPhone/iTunes.

    I tried the same thing you did without success.
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    Yes, you expect that a ringtone brought through iTunes will work...
    I've tried searching other help sites & there's a few who have also said the tab doesn't appear but no solutions offered. Plenty advice on how to create a ringtone out there but no help to date as to how to get the actual 'ringtone tab'
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    I had the same problem with itunes 10 and my iphone 4. Now I have Ringtone Maker (free) Here is what I did. (1) I created a new folder in my library name ringtones whatever. (2) Go to the apps tab in itunes. Scroll all the way down the Ringtone Maker app should appear double click it. The ringtones I created showed up when I double clicked it. (3) Now click one of the ringtones you created then in the bottom left right hand corner there should be two commands add and save to.. click save to and save the ringtone to newly created ringtones folder. (4) Go to the new ringtone folder and play the ringtone (in itunes) from there. After I did all of that the ringtones tab showed up then I just repeated those steps for all my created ringtones. Hope this helps. I had the exact same problem don't give up.
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    THANK YOU!!!!

    Went to iTunes store found Ringtone Maker under the free apps & downloaded, I then made a ringtone on my iPhone from a songs, clicked disc icon, then after it had finished creating clicked help, text instructions has everything you need + pictures screen shots of each step. Plugged phone back into Mac saved song onto hard drive, dragged back into iTunes library, automatically went into the ringtones folder. Clicked back onto iPhone under Devices & woohoo Ringtones Tab has appeared.