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Hello. Could someone explain what Safari "whitelist site" option is when I right click the webpage? Is it useful?

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    Could someone explain what Safari "whitelist site" option is when I right click the webpage? Is it useful?

    Relates to Safari Ad Blocker contextual menu options: Whitelist site (you want ads to appear for entire site), Block URL - no ads for this page, Whitelist URL - include ads for this page.

    Whitelist can be viewed via Safari Preferences>Safari Ad Block. There, you can add or remove entries.

    Personally, the only sites I include on my whitelist are for Major League Baseball and National Hockey League. Neither site will play video if Ads are blocked. Otherwise, for all other sites, ads are automatically blocked by simply enabling Ad Blocker.
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    Just as an FYI, GlimmerBlocker works much better than Safari Adblock on Safari 5 and Snow Leopard v10.6.x. It's available free for download here. http://glimmerblocker.org/

    You can access the software from your System Preferences pane.

    You can remove the old Safari AdBlock if you have it installed (Preferences > AdBlock > Uninstall or remove the /Library/InputManagers/Safari AdBlock folder)

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    I am trying to use a foreign language lesson site called duo lingo.com and I get this message: (It says we can't play sound in your browser.

    Can you give me more step by step directions on how to add this site to the whitelist? I get to Safari, Preferences and then to Ad Blocker but can't figure out how to add the site to the list. Thanks.


    We can't play sound in your browser.



    It's possible that you have browser extensions that block Flash or that Flash crashed.

    Let's fix this! If you have a Flash blocker add 'duolingo.com' to its whitelist. If Flash crashed try reloading the page.

    Sound still not working? Go to the settings page in the top right corner to disable the speaker.

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    Best Answer!!