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ChillyCat Level 1 Level 1
I've just recevied my ipod touch as a birthday pressie, i've downloaded the ibook app but just can't see how I get to the bookstore if I don't have a wi-fi connection.... is it possible?

Windows XP
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    You cannot connect to the internet at all on the ipod touch without wi-fi.
  • ChillyCat Level 1 Level 1
    So a change of set up required me thinks.. thanks for the quick response.
  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6
    Don't forget - you can load pdf files onto your iPod which can be read with iBooks on the Touch. Simply drag a pdf into your iTunes library and Sync your ipod.

    Also, a Podcast that I'm interested in has just released a "booklet" to go with their Podcast programmes. However, it's downloaded into my iTunes as a Podcast, even though it's actually a pdf file. Once I edited the file (in iTunes) and changed the *Media Kind* to "book", it transferred to the Books section of my iTunes library and then onto my Touch.

    So you can use the iBooks reader for pdf files, even if you can't get any "epub" books from the Store. (I've no idea why books {for the iBooks reader} are not available in the Store, but I've noticed that all the reviews of iBooks were very critical of the price of books.)