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I presently have two 160Gb 1st Generation Apple TVs which are working perfectly but I am considering upgrading due to the GUI and Netflix. Before doing so I have some questions that maybe one of you more experiened types who have made the switch can help me with:

1. I presently exclusively stream to both my units. It works flawlessly as I run a Time capsule wirelessly to an Airport Extreme (AE) and then connect the units via ethernet cable to the AE. Has anyone tried a similar configuration and does it work well?

2. I have read that you can only "rent" with the new Apple TV. Can you get around that restriction by buying directly from your computer using iTunes? I prefer to own the TV series that I like for later viewing.

3. I understand the new Apple TV (ATV) handles playlists differently. In my iTunes I have customized playlists for music, movies, and TV shows. It is easier to manage by catagorizing. I also have many gigabits of personally owned TV Series presently in my iTunes. They are all catagorized by season and episode. Will the ATV maintain my playlist structure or will I have to reorganize everything?

4. As a final question is an upgrade worth my time and expense?



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    First you should know that aside from netflix (and the heat issue) this is more of a downgrade than an upgrade. Video Stutters, you can't browse the full store to flag stuff to buy, your video collection is kinda buried and the sorting of your content is buggy. This will all likely be fixed in the future, but for now it's frustrating that the 3 year old atv is still the better product.

    1. The atv can only stream but it can stream only from a running itunes server so anything you can see in your running itunes will, most likely, be visible on your atv.

    2. Buying TV from itunes will have it show up properly in the apple tv. It will see the new title almost instantly after it's finished downloading and you can begin watching it.

    3. I will defer to people who use playlists but a quick search of this forum will reveal people who have problems with them.

    4. I personally, would not recommend upgrading unless you really want netflix on demand. If you don't care about netflix, or your tv, blu-ray, or gaming console can do netflix then I'd wait for a few updates to see the bugs ironed out. Besides winter is coming. The v1's are great space heaters


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    Thank you very much Patrick. I have heard the same from a few others but wanted to widen my view before deciding. I already have a netflix machine so that is not an issue.