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I'm using FCE4. I have a .mov file from an HD camera. What I want to do is go through the long clip and add a bunch of extended markers to make it easier to find key footage later on. This part I know how to do. Here's the problem. Let's say I add this clip to project A and project B. At the time I add the clip to each project the clip contains all the markers already in place. Now let's say while working on project A I add two more markers to the clip. If I then go to project B the two new markers do not exist in the clip.

So my question is how do I share a clip and its markers across multiple projects such that if I add a new marker to the clip in a project the new marker also shows up automatically for the clip in the other projects too?

Here's what I tried so far (and it didn't work). Create project A. Add the clip. Add a bunch of markers. Right-click on the clip and select Copy. Create project B. Paste the clip into project B. Add new marker to clip in project B. New marker not in clip in project A.


27" iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)