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I have tried every different way possible to download and install iTunes 10. When I use Google Chrome download it gets to 1.2Mb and stops. IE8 32 bit stops at 99% and IE9 x64 99% also. I have tried many sites and uninstalled old iTunes, quicktime, Bonjour and anything else apple that it will let me. I have no windows updates to install. I have deleted all files from the user > temp folder and restarted. I tried with the all apps closed inc RSS feed widgets. Maybe it is my PC but 1% remaining every time is a killer!! All because my mate wanted me to update his new nano which apparantly requires version 10 . . . . I must not be defeated by a machine! Maybe I should try downloading from another PC?

Dell Vostro 430, Windows 7, x64
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    DLing from another PC isn't a bad idea.
    GOod job on trying a different browser, but I'm thinking FIrefox wont' make any difference, either.

    Are you using one of those USB dongles for internet access? Lots of Australian folks have been having problems getting the itunes DL using them.
    If you're NOT using one of those dongles, and you have a cable modem with attached router, try plugging your PC directly into the cable modem.
    Bypass the router, in other words.

    If you have a friend that is using the latest itunes, you could get the download from them and put it on a USB stick or burn a CD.

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    Cheers Katrina. I have a wireless n router and wireless card with a 1.5Mbps broadband connection which is not lightling but is fairly quick. I get the 99% in 7 minutes. Router is too far from my desktop to hardwire if I can avoid it. I got a message from my browser saying the provider is not verified! and when I tried to run the app I get 'not a valid Win32 app'?
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    Yep, that's been seen with other folks,and not just in Australia!

    Since switching browsers didn't get you anywhere, I suspect it's some obscure setting in the router.

    This is one example

    It might just be easier to ask a friend to download it for you...if you can't move the PC to bypass the router.
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    Although my browser indicates 99% the file size on disk is 72.3 MB (75,837,560 bytes)so it is difficult to determine whether it is the whole file. I have tried to run it but get the whole 'this is not a valid win32 app'. Funny i also downloaded java for x64 and I get the same messages. Thanks for the link. I will have a look.
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    +Funny i also downloaded java for x64 and I get the same messages.+

    Check the MTU settings between the router and your PC's wireless card - somebody posted that was causing this problem, on some other forum.

    As far as I know, here on AD nobody has ever gone to the trouble of figuring out the router setting, they just got the download from another network or a friend. Small music file downloads seem to work OK even with this problem but larger downloads don't.