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I have a newly purchased WRT120N and have set up a small home network. Right now it's pretty simple:

Motorolla Surfboard S85100 cable modem>Cisco/Linksys WRT120N>AMD PhenomX4 Hp Pavilion(running Vista home premium Service pack 2)------Airport card equipped Apple Mac Pro( running Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and Leopard 10.5.8 on 2 separate drives- wireless from the router). The Airport card is installed properly and working fine. The router is in a centralized location upstairs on the 1st floor and the Mac Pro is in the basement(The house is not big it's 2000 sq. feet with wood floors...no metal).

The wireless to the Mac is what's important here. It's in my basement home recording studio whereI previously had no internet causing me to run up and down the stairs with usb flash drives for downloaded updates and software installs. I got the router to aleiviate all this exercise.....only now I'm back to it again. In fact it's worse than it was!

For the first few weeks everything was great. Wireless down in the studio worked great and I was able to download any file without interruption, Skype worked brilliantly! Then...without anything being moved physically by me....Skype was poor and Airport would be searching for the network asking to enter my key only to then time me out!? To combat this I've had re-start after re-start, running upstairs and un-plugging the router, moving the router around, etc......and getting a signal when I'm booted into Leopard is even worse. I'm just short of going out and getting a 40ft. ethernet cable and hardwiring to the Mac Pro but that is not only more money than the router and the Airport card put together but dashes the whole wireless concept(which is supposed to work!). Do I need to get a better router with more bandwidth?(The salesperson I spoke with said this one would be all I need to do what I wanted and He had a basement setup too).

Seriously what can I do to make this work for me!?

Mac Pro Dual Core 2.66 Intel Xeon, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 9GB RAM with dual monitors, Digi 002R/Pro Tools 8