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AndreasvanHaren Level 1 (15 points)
Will iLife 11 run on a powerpc?

imac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 2.5 gb ram
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (136,590 points)
    In a word, no. It requires an Intel Processor:



  • DBDISOK Level 1 (0 points)
    Looks like Apple is bailing on Power PC owners. No iLife 11, No Magic Track Pad, No Mobile Me upgrade for Mail, No Face Time program.

    If you are like me you have and awesome Power PC G5. Mine works perfectly and I really don't want to toss out a great computer.

    Come on Apple support Power PC users.
  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)
    Basically Apple bailed years ago - Snow Leopard requires an intel and most new software requires SL

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (136,590 points)
    Apple hasn't produced a PPC computer in more than 4 years. Sooner or later you knew this day would come. Just like the passing of Classic in OS X, just like the passing of Appleworks etc etc etc


  • AndreasvanHaren Level 1 (15 points)
    I love my powerpc that I bought 5 years ago, but the burner doesn't work anymore since about 3 months, and my music productions in Logic 8 are extremely slow and sometimes not even possible. I think it is really time to buy at least an Intel mac, but they are so expensive! Very difficult to make money free for this.
  • Sunny's mommy Level 2 (470 points)
    You could always get a refurbished intel machine
  • LahrJ Level 1 (0 points)
    Some parts will. Get yourself a copy of Pacifist (http://www.charlessoft.com/) to crack the installer package open and see its separate contents. I grabbed most components of GarageBand that way -- many are .mov and .caf files just like in previous versions of GB. Haven't looked at the other apps because I don't need them on the G5 (it's a music/video production machine), but I suspect some parts of them can be had as well.
  • romko23 Level 2 (395 points)

    Although I have a 2010 Mac Pro.. my love for PowerPC, OS 9 and other older OS'es has jumped 300 percent in the recent months.. I now have acquired some nice PowerPC based systems, one of which I am using currently as we speak.. My 1st one is the G4 PowerBook - LAST MODEL BEFORE MACBOOK PRO.. Its the 1.67ghz model and has the 128MB video memory plus the dual layer dvd burn capability.. I plan to add an external USB/FW drive.. Btw, PowerPC macs DO boot from USB 2.0 drives and I have done it and have done it with every PowerPC mac I have owned..

    I don't know about you, but youtube with the new HTML5 plays very very nicely at low high definition on my G4 PowerBook.. With 2gb of memory Leopard flies on this thing.. it might not be as fast as on a macbook or macbook pro, but its certainly very quick compared to Tiger.

    Although I have a nice Penryn based Gateway P-6860fx w/8GB of memory and two hard drives(sata 2), this thing is a behemoth and is very heavy to carry around.. I decided to try out the PowerBook G4 and ever since the past two weeks I have had nothing but FUN with it.. PowerPC means a lot to me..

    I am not dogging Intel and or PowerPC; both serve a purpose.. and just because time moves on and newer stuff comes out doesn't mean its for everyone.. Look at me.. I originally got a 2009 refurb Mac Pro and decided for 300 dollars to put in the 2010 backplane board and processor board, instantaneously transforming my 2009 into the 2010 I don't even use pro apps with it, just gaming, sheepshaver, TI-99/4A and other old system emultion.. and dvd ripping and burning.. I just added the 6-core processor for 800 bucks, though its an ES and not a retail one...

    What I am saying is that PowerPC is very much alive today as it was 5-10 years ago.. If your needs don't change they make excellent machines and since I have old old stuff I want to run it again.. Bugdom for instance I enjoy playing on my G3 Pismo which is another machine I recently got.. It has the G4 upgrade in it and it flies nicely on Tiger and OS 9..

    So, there you have it.. I own the following:

    2010 Mac Pro - was 2009
    G3 Pismo upgraded to G4 550
    G4 PowerBook - absolute last one before the Macbook Pro series.. this is the one with the dual layer burner.. a really nice bargain machine I am NOT NOT ASHAMED to walk into Apple store, starbucks and use this to browse the internet, play youtube.. (Not being able to run 1080p or 720p does not bother me at all). Besides, with HTML5 replacing flash I think this in itself will breathe new life into the PowerPC G4 and G5.. and maybe G3.

    We as PowerPC mac users need to band together and help each other out.. though our numbers get smaller, we are proud of the fact that the PowerPC chip saved Apple from oblivion - something Apple does not seem to care about..

    I say Intel, PowerPC - we are all one with a goal.. do all your needed work on both, or your advanced work on the Intel and emailing and web browsing on the other..

    I don't know about you all but I believe the PowerPC was the most successful of all the processors and truly gave new life to Apple in 1998 when Steve came back.

    Apple owes its survival due to the PowerPC.. this platform shouldn't be reviled, but looked on as a great piece of our Apple history.. My 1st mac was bought in 1999, a Power Mac G4 and while I don't have that anymore, it now lives on in my newly bought PowerBook G4 and G3 upgraded G4 Pismo.

    Please tell me what you think?
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (136,590 points)
    The forum is for folks with issues on iPhoto, not for discussing the merits of PPC vs Intel.


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    I'm typing this on an iBook G4 with a 1.33 ghz PPC chip. This laptop preforms VERY well, so do other PPC machines. I think Apple should offer an updated version of iLife that works with PPC computers. There are still tons of people who use iBooks, iMac G4s, iMac G5s, PowerMacs, PowerBooks.... Like I said before, these machines still run very well and many people use them. I don't know why Apple would stop supporting the PPC platform.

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (136,590 points)

    1. Tell Apple what you think: iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback


    2. Here's a hint though: Apple are a Hardware company. They make their money from selling computers not software. To keep making software for the PPC machines would cost them money with no hope of return.