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My roomate bought a new MBP and gave me his old one. Problem is, when I go to turn it on it makes the sound like it wants to turn on and sounds like its turning on but then it just stops and nothing ever shows up on the screen. Any ideas as to what it may be. Being that this laptop is about 3 years old I'm debating whether I should attempt to fix it myself or if I should overpay to get it fixed. Any suggestions?

Mac Mini Intel 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    There are a few things to try.

    First, connect an external monitor and see if the image comes up there without any video defects. If it does, the display or its cables are bad but the basic video hardware on the logic board is OK.

    If you get no image on the external, the video hardware could be compromised.

    We need to know the exact model MBP, as some models have a defective video chipset for which there is a free repair up to four years from date of purchase. As your computer wont' start, upend the computer and look for the model number (starts with "A") in the tiny print silkscreened text on the bottom near the edge with the display hinge

    If the "A" number is A1226, A1229, A1260, or A1261, the computer has the potentially affected nVidea 8600M GT chipset. You'll need to take it to an Apple Store or AASP--they have a special gadget that verifies the failed part. It must show failed with that test to qualify for the free repair (a new logic board).

    If the model number is worn off, I'd try the Apple Store anyway. Al they can do is say no. Print out this article on the repair and take it with you:


    Will the computer boot from the original system disk?
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    So when I plugged into an external monitor I get no image. My roomate mentioned that he was using it and then the screen went grey and then shut off, but I'll talk to him later and see what exactly happened. The exact model of the MBP is A1226. I have not tried to boot the computer from the original system disk, I don't know if he's still got it but I'll ask him anyways. I don't have an apple store near me but I do have an AASP I think. Should I scurry on up there and have it tested?