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  • Bertelm Level 1 Level 1
    I was very disappointed too, but also surprised as this is where Apple makes money. With Christmas just around the corner, every day that this isn't available means lost revenue... It's one thing to release a product that's buggy, but missing a whole revenue stream? What was Apple thinking?
  • Vern Dempster Level 1 Level 1
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    I too hope the Calendar link comes soon. Christmas is coming soon.
    On a related missing link - where have all the pricing structures gone. Following your link lead me to this info in the summary
    "Apple Photo Services gives you a variety of options when you order your projects. See the sections below for more information. Pricing details for iPhoto and Aperture Print Products."
    Clicking in the iphoto pricing just takes me to the iphoto 11 page with no pricing anywhere.
  • Lebostein Level 1 Level 1
    MadisonP wrote:
    It's a brand new product.
    Give it a few weeks.

    +Q: Why no calendars? > A: It's a brand new product.+

    This is the most stupid answer I've ever heard. You're funny! That is the truth:

    +Q: Why no calendars? > A: iPhoto 11 is a unfinished product!+
  • ChrisRR Level 3 Level 3
    "It's a brand new product.
    Give it a few weeks."

    iPhoto? A brand new product? Calendars? A brand new feature? Now then, let's think about this shall we? I don't think iPhoto is a brand new product. I have lots of boxes upstairs in my study going back years, and a lot of them have "iLife" on the box, and the pictures on the front have "iPhoto" on them. So I'm a bit confused...
  • Jacjac Level 1 Level 1
    This was a REAL surprise to me. I just assumed that there would be some new Calendar themes in iLife 11...and absolutely bought it and installed it for this reason. Not to even mention NO calendar support I think is really bad form...Apple is better than this surely. How about if iLife 11 didn't have iPhoto in it at all 'yet'...but it was coming soon...would that be ok? Of course not. It just shows how good Apple is a glossing over/hiding relevant information with spin about the new and exciting good stuff! As I said I am very disappointed about this and so close to Christmas too!

    They are perhaps making a bit of habit at these silly mistakes. iOS 4 on iPhone one at Apple mentioned the huge speed degradation and the INABILITY to return to the old OS.

    PLEASE APPLE...give us loyal users the chance to make an informed choice about your pretty wonderful, but not flawless hardware, software and pratices. Listen to us and it can only get better.

    I'm going nowhere as far as my loyalty to Apple goes so this is no threat, jus sound feedback but I live in hope that you will listen as I want as close to perfection from you as possible.
  • ChrisRR Level 3 Level 3
    Well said.
  • Sitara Level 1 Level 1
    I am SO VERY dissapointed! I just purchased iLife´11, but happily I haven´t installed the package yet!

    The thing about the missing calenders is unbelievable. Every year I make 2 different calendars for two different parts of my familiy, about 15 all together. This is the main christmas present, and everybody loves it. It takes a whilie to create them, will it be possible at all before christmas?

    If I had upgraded - without knowing calanders were gone, what would have happened to my existing calenders? Will they be removed totally, or just be there hiding in the backgroud?

    So now this is my biggest consern: If I upgrade my iPhoto library to the new version, and the calenders are gone, will they come back when an update arrives and calendara are back in iPhoto?
    If yes, there is no problem, except from the annoyance.
    But if no, there will literally be no way you can transfer your calendars to the new version. I think Apple needs to send out some info about this.

    So I will not upgrade until I know what´s gonna happen. I am so furious at Apple, I am considering sendting the iLife´11 back to the store! And stick to version 9!
  • bythewater Level 1 Level 1
    I also just installed the new ilife with iphoto. Had been working on Christmas calendars this weekend and was shocked I could not order my holiday calendars.
  • Gerald Gifford Level 1 Level 1
    Michael Rice5 wrote:
    I was a little disappointed to find you can't order calendars in iPhoto '11. A support article says they are coming "very soon".

    When iLife '11 was introduced at the Back to the Mac event the person who demonstrated it said, "There is no calendar option, but one is coming soon." So, it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone.

    I agree with many writers here. It is very curious that the calendar option is not part of this release of iPhoto '11. It is new software in one sense, but the calendars feature has been such a part of iPhoto it's hard to believe Apple released it without the ability to create and print calendars being present.

    Let's be honest. The calendars feature in iPhoto '09 was not perfect and needs some improvement. My hope is that waiting a while will bring a new and better iPhoto calendars feature. (I, too, have started putting images together for my 2011 calendars. So, Apple..., let's git 'er done!) (Also, I vote for a calendar feature for Aperture.)

    There are companies which provide calendar creation services if you just can't or won't wait. Simply do a search for "create a photo calendar". You'll even find options for free ones. (This is NOT a recommendation for any of those services.)

  • SteveInWeston Level 1 Level 1
    Gerald Gifford wrote:
    When iLife '11 was introduced at the Back to the Mac event the person who demonstrated it said, "There is no calendar option, but one is coming soon." So, it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone.

    Oh, well I did not know that watching the Back to the Mac was required. I do think that Apple did a poor job of warning people upgrading on the lack of calendar support. So, anything else that I missed on Back to the Mac that I should be aware of prior to making a purchase?
  • Gerald Gifford Level 1 Level 1
    SteveInWeston wrote:
    Oh, well I did not know that watching the Back to the Mac was required. I do think that Apple did a poor job of warning people upgrading on the lack of calendar support. So, anything else that I missed on Back to the Mac that I should be aware of prior to making a purchase?

    No, not required, but, I think it can be assumed that many/most of the early adopters of iLife '11 are of a type and temperament that they would have seen the event or watched the podcast of it. That's probably how they learned about iLife '11 in the first place.

    That said, I agree that Apple has not done a good job of informing prospective buyers about just what to expect of the new iPhoto software. This isn't the first time they have done something like this and probably won't be the last. A quick look at the Apple advertising Online just now shows no warning that the calendar feature is AWOL in this version of iPhoto '11.

    C'mon Apple! How about being more forthright in your marketing? I think it'd be to your advantage in the long run.

  • RockridgeConsulting Level 1 Level 1
    I've been a PC consultant for 20 years and have worked with Macs for the past 3. In all that time I was frequently bombarded by Mac folks about Microsoft releasing unfinished software. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that Apple would run a play out of the Redmond playbook.

    The lack of information is stunning, there's not even a suggested date for release to be found. this is SO frustrating because I, as well, produce a year end calendar for my whole family (25+).

    I am sitting here considering restoring my MBP to a time prior to installing iLife 2011, a little befuddled because my local store wasn't aware that "calendars" are missing, Apple care didn't know they were missing either.

    Does Steve Jobs know?
  • Bertelm Level 1 Level 1
    So what does "very soon" mean? It's obviously not "days", so then "weeks"? Will the feature be available in November? December? this year?

    I would be nice to know when they expect to have the feature available so we can make a decision to wait or go elsewhere.
  • Sitara Level 1 Level 1
    What worries me more than the "when", is the "how". If you already upgraded your library, and had put lots of work into creating this years calendar, will you loose them?

    Or if you have last years calendar with all birthday dates for the whole family, what will happen?
    Will your "old" calenders be gone? Or just "hidden" in the database somewhere?
    Will they reappear when you upgrade?

    What if not? Let´s say you already purchased iLife´11 but did not install it, because it removes the calendars. Then Apple launches an update that makes it possible to create calendars in a later release. How can you ever be able to install this?
    How can you then be able to save your calendars if you have to install the purchased "calendar-removing-iLife´11" first??

    Lots of questions, and the longer Apple waits before releasing any info, the more frustrated people will be.

    It is time for APple yo release some information about this!
  • David Neale1 Level 1 Level 1
    Got my new iMac 27" a couple of weeks ago and have spent quite a lot of time sorting out my cactus flower photos and arranging them in calendars for end-of-year gifts.

    Got my upgrade DVD of iLife 11 today and eagerly installed it less than an hour ago, impatient to see what the calendars would look like with it and if there would be any new calendar possibilities.

    Nothing! Nada! Not a mention of calendars! This is a huge disappointment and, given that "soon" can mean many things, it seems the only thing to do is to reload iPhoto 09 from the TimeMachine backup I fortunately made prior to the upgrade.

    I rarely have cause to say it, but this is a bad show, Apple.