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I have a strange issue here:
I have a lot of RAW format photos taken with my Nikon DSLR camera. Normally, I edit them with the Nikon Capture NX2 (latest version) software, and save as RAW file after edit.
But via quicklook in the finder and preview, I only can see the version before edit. If I import those edited photos into iPhoto 09, and I also only can see the version before edit too.
But in the finder, if I change the view to "cover flow", i can see those edited version photos. With the Nikon View NX2, those photos also can be showed correctly.
I already update all softwares to the latest version.
Can anyone help?

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    You are misunderstanding what Capture NX2 does. There is no such thing as an edited raw image.

    When you save a NEF file from NX, it preserves the original raw data unaltered, plus the NX Edit Steps. NX can read the raw data and replay the Edit Steps to reproduce your edited image, but no other program can do that. NX also saves a JPEG preview of the edited image. That is what Cover Flow is displaying. If you view the file in a program, such as Preview, that can interpret the raw data, that is what you will see. No other program except Capture NX2 can interpret and replay its proprietary Edit Steps.

    If you want to use an NX-edited image in another application, you must export it from NX as a TIFF or JPEG.