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I like faces, however, when I start to type the name of somebody on the picture (me), I can choose 2 different "me" - one is from address book and on from facebook. Is there any possibility that Facebook would recognize people from facebook and connect them to my address book (or the other way)?

MacBook Pro 15.4'', iPhone 3G, Airport Express 802.11n, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • David Webb Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I was just logging on to make this same request.

    Is it possible to merge the two Names (Address Book and Facebook)?
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    I'm also interested in this issue. The solution to merging duplicate name tags seemed to me to rename iPhoto Faces to the according Facebook suggestions, but some of my Facebook friends don't even appear in the suggestions. It's all very confusing, and it seems to be impossible to sync Address Book names, Facebook tags and iPhoto Faces. Meh.
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    looking to know this too. I'm afraid to start naming people till I know what name to use...nick name, address book full name, facebook email address, etc?
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    It's very confusing how Apple handles these duplicates. Facebook tags are not named correctly in iPhoto and vice versa.

    Hopefully an iPhoto update or OS X Lion will feature a better Facebook / Address Book integration.
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    Maybe this will help.

    I think you just have to match the email field on your faces metatag with the facebook email address.

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    I don't believe matching the facebook email with the address book email is the solution because I have confirmed with at least one person that they match and are still presented differently in iPhoto. It seems to be the case, even with emails matching, that if the facebook name is even slightly different iPhoto gives you multiple options. In my address book I have someone listed as "CJ" but on facebook it is automatically made into "Cj" and iPhoto sees these as two different people.

    Would be really great if we could get some official Apple feedback on how to get these aligned. Would love to see everything synced up.
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    Partial answer:  Tag your photos with either the Address Book contact or Facebook contact. When your finished go to the faces display. You should see two Faces for your friend/family member/enemy. One with Address Book info and one with Facebook info. Select both Faces albums by Command+Click. Then Ctrl+Click and select the Merge People option. This doesn't appear to fix any tags on Facebook or iPhoto, and if you do more tagging you'll end up with mutiple Faces albums with the same name again. I'm guessing this has to do with the limitations of the information that can be pulled out of Facebook via the Facebook APIs.

  • Guy Carmeli Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    I found this:

    In Address Book (or "Contacts") select both cards that correspond to the same person (probably one card you created and the other generated from facebook), you can do this by Command+clicking.


    Then, under 'Card' menu select 'Link Selected Cards'. Voila, they are now one card. Address Book still remebers these are two seperate cards, and you can always edit this back later.

    If you prefer, you can then select the "leading" card that will be represented in the name, through the 'cards' field at the bottom of that person's card.


    Since iPhoto uses Address Book's database, this should solve the duplicate person problem, though I haven't tested this thouroughly.


    Hope this helps.