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Last night iTunes decided it would no longer open and on the same evening the dock connector on my iPhone 3GS decided it also would stop working. Coincidence?

Today I went to an appointment at a Genius Bar which resulted in a new device being issued to me. Now I can't get iTunes to open still. Here's what I've done so far:

- Uninstalled iTunes, Bonjour and all related products as per the Apple guide (3 times...)
- Registry cleaned and made sure all Apple associated files were removed from the PC
- Restarted and made sure that all the files were still gone
- Uninstalled my AVG anti-virus (just in case)
- Stopped all third party software from starting upon startup
- Reinstalled the whole Apple suite including Quicktime and iTunes (latest version direct from Apple.com)

And STILL (!!!) it won't open, when double clicking the egg timer goes for a second then nothing. When viewing the process tree the iTunes processes have started but the program has not, nothing in applications etc.

I cannot restore all of the contacts, mail, applications and music without it on my new device. Seriously annoying now and don't want to have to reinstall the PC OS because iTunes won't work. Not an option.

Anyone experienced similar or ahve any solutions?

Running Windows 7 Ultimate (fully legal version)with recent service packs. Nothing was installed, uninstalled or anything eiher side of the two faults back to back. Not sure if they're linked or why each has happened.


Windows 7
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    when double clicking the egg timer goes for a second then nothing. When viewing the process tree the iTunes processes have started but the program has not, nothing in applications etc.

    A couple of questions by way of narrowing in on possible culprits. (Neither suggestion is intended as a cure in itself.)

    (1) Does your QuickTime Player launch, or do you get an error message of some kind when you try to launch that?

    (2) Try (by way of experiment) disabling the BonJour Service.

    In your Start Menu, right-click Computer and select "Manage".
    Expand "Services & Applications".
    Open "Services". (Maximise the window to better see what's going on.)
    Right-click the BonJour Service and select "Properties". In the "General" tab, set Start-up type to "Disabled".
    Restart the PC, and try launching iTunes again. Does it launch this time?
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    Do you have any codec packs or the like installed?
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    Tried what you suggested by disabling Bonjour and a restart of computer. Has not fixed the problem.

    Thanks for the idea. Do you have any others we can try? I really don't want to go through the hassle of installing a new media player right now, especially when I have mammoth playlists in iTunes I really don't want to recreate.

    The one thing I noticed on my computer is that even though I am running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, when I open the task manager, the processes show it listed as iTunes*32. I have not ever had iTunes 32 bit installed on this computer.

    Tried uninstalling, then downloaded the 64-bit version of iTunes, but I still end up with a 32-bit version of iTunes when I most certainly reinstalled a 64-bit.

    Very odd, very, very frustrating.
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    There's the problem. I wouldn't know why that happens, though.
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    I fixed mine, maybe this will help yours too. I went into the start menu, then found the itunes.exe right-clicked it, went to properties and checked the security tab. I modified the security for "Everyone" as full control. Voila. I got the Bonjour error message but it opened, and for what its worth that was how i got iTunes to work for me. Good luck---hope yours is as easy as mine was to fix.
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    Tried the suggestions but nothing changes the fact it doesn't start.

    Yes I have codecs but have done long before getting an iPhone and nothing has changed at all system wise.
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    (Apologies for double posting, got a blank page first time around)
    Tried all of the above but doesn't change anything.

    Quicktime opens fine.

    Yes I have codec packs but have done since long before gettingan iPhone, nothing has changed on the system.

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    Nice suggestion on Bonjour the blooming thing!

    Disabled that and it works.

    Any suggestions now?

    iPhone doesn't get detected in iTunes though

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    Nice suggestion on Bonjour the blooming thing! Disabled that and it works.

    By any chance, do you have a recent version of IOBit's Advanced SystemCare installed on the PC, Pegs? If so, try uninstalling and reinstalling that. Can you launch iTunes without having to disable the BonJour Service now?
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    Just checked, the ther person with access to the PC has installed Advanced System Care... Not impressed! Permissions removed for that account to now install software!

    Will uninstall it tonight and give it a try. If so will close the topic as answered, nice one.
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    Fingers crossed in New Zealand, Pegs.

    Let us know if the dock connector trouble clears up as well? This Advanced SystemCare thing seems to be the most common cause of error-message-free iTunes launch failures at the moment. But I've only known about it for ... a week or so? ... and haven't got a handle on the full possible symptom set.
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    This solved everything, after uninstalling IObit Advanced SystemCare iTunes would open with Bonjour enabled however iTunes wouldn't pick up the iPhone device. I did some more digging and a few of their other applications had been installed including Game Booster. Uninstalling that put everything back to normal.

    I have been given a new device by Apple who were really helpful and the guys have neever seen the docking connector disabling before. Coinsidence?

    Anyway in case this helps other people these were the symptoms (might help with searches):
    - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    - iTunes 10 wouldn't open originally, just egg timer then nothing yet processes all started
    - Docking connector died on the device, wouldn't even trigger a standard USB connection or light up the device
    - Uninstalling iTunes etc didn't change anything
    - Disabling Bonjour worked but iTunes extremely unstable, seems frozen when syncing and the sync itself, especially with app transfer, was extremely slow and the other buttons were unresponsive after clicking for two minutes before screen would change

    Have sent feedback to IObit about this to see if there isn't something that can be done.

    Fantastic assistance and an incredible spot from b noir. If you come to the UK you need to drop me an email as I owe you a night out on the town!
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    Excellent news, Pegs. Glad you've got things working again.