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In the iCall server admin. manual (page 18) under
To enable iCal service for a user or group:
at steps 7-13 it says to select the Advanced tab of the user record and enable Calendaring?

I don't see this option. Am I doing doing something wrong?



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    I, too, had this same problem. Based on much research, I THINK it has something to do with DNS not being configured.... not sure. Anyone have pointers?

    I just want to set up a shared Calender and Address Book for a small group. All clients running 10.6, connecting to a mini 10.6 server.

  • harry @ pmsi Level 3 Level 3 (535 points)
    The reference to steps 7-13 says to open Workgroup Manager (WGM) and follow these steps in that application.
    Besides setting up the service in iCalServer (steps 1-6) you need to authorize those users and groups to use the service and that is done in WGM for the specific user or group.

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    +"I don't see this option. Am I doing doing something wrong?"+

    Your Rider seems to indicate 10.6? If you're not seeing this option in WorkGroup Manager I'm guessing you're using 10.6 Server? In which case you've posted in the wrong forum with a question that's not applicable anymore. Apple removed those options in 10.6. Another possibility is you're trying to manage a 10.5 Server using 10.6 Server Admin Tools and it's giving unpredictable results? The Server Administration Applications cab behave oddly if you're trying use a newer version on an older server. You should use the version of the Tools that came with the Server.

    The 10.6 iCal Server Admin Manual is here: