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I have been fighting with Outlook and iPhone notes over the sync issue. I found a clue in a posting today and tried something. The clue was someone posted that iPhone notes would not sync with an Outlook note file where there were blank notes in the database. I had a few where the subject line, the first line, was blank. This happens when you copy a note from somewhere and by accident or otherwise, the first line is blank. I went through my Outlook database and found the notes where the first line was blank. I deleted until there was something on the first line for all the notes. Then I synced with the Itunes/ iphone and the notes were synced between the iPhone and the Outlook database for notes. I am amazed that Apple has not posted this online, but maybe not amazed. Try it and you may have the same success I have had. But I reloaded all the Windows 7 OS, all Microsoft Outlook, and iTunes and Iphone multiple times and this is the first time it did sync. I have no idea where the sync from the iPhone was hiding, it would always have the Outlook files up to a certain date, and then would not sync further. Good luck!

PC- Home Brew, Windows XP
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    Thanks Mate ...this indeed worked
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    I had been using the app IMLite to sync my outlook notes on my work e-mail account to my iPhone for the past several months. This worked fine, but at some point, it stopped updating. Not sure if it stopped when I updated to iOS4 or when my work changed e-mail servers on me. Either way, when I played with the IMLite settings on my iPhone, it zapped all my notes and I was back to ground zero.

    Frustrated, I tried several things including the app IMExchange, but nothing worked. I read numerous posts and tried several times to sync Outlook Notes via a usb connection to my work PC. One post said to remove blank subject lines in your notes, but none of mine had blank lines. Finally, I noticed on my work PC that Outlook had created a new folder "Handheld Synchronization". (My version of Outlook is Outlook 2007) On my PC in Outlook, I was able to copy my Notes to this new folder and then run the sync in iTunes via a usb connection to my iPhone. This worked - apparently this is the folder in Outlook that iTunes looks to sync with. (It would be too simple to look at the Outlook Notes folder!!) I now have my Outlook Notes back on my iPhone. Maddeningly, the notes are arranged on my iPhone by date of creation instead of alphabetically. With over 60 notes, this is aggravating, but at least they are there. Apple needs to fix these issues and get info out to those of us handcuffed to work PC's and Outlook!
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    The iPhone can be synced with more iTunes (iPod could only do 1).
    I usually sync it with my home/Mac but to get notes I did this:

    - installed iTunes on my work computer
    - restarted Outlook
    - plugged iphone
    - Info tab
    - scroll down and select Other -> Sync notes with [Outlook]
    - Apply
    - Sync
    - open Notes on your iPhone, and rejoice

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    For some reason the obvious steps you took do not work for many of us. I had to discover the work around above to sync my notes. The direct route you describe did ot work.
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    Geeze Almighty!!!

    This worked!! Added a subject line to the one Outlook 2007 note that didn't have one, and hit sync and all the notes synched!!!

    Whoa.... This should be top of the troubleshooting FAQ for Outlook notes to iPhone.... 3 days of looking for an answer, and such a simple fix...
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    Thanks, this worked. Like you, for months I've been trying to determine what was wrong. I did not see any blank notes, but when I sorted on subject, a blank note was at the top. I deleted the note, and now sync works. Good find.
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    Worked for me too! 5 months of frustration - rewsolved. Very many thanks
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    When syncing notes from the iphone to pc is there a way to make the iphone info override the info in Outlook on the pc? Most of my notes are made and edited on my iphone. Thanks!
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    Many, many thanks. It worked like a charm. I have never been able to sync Notes with my iPod Touch until now. Thanks for posting your solution.
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    wow....I spent two days working on this and it worked...Apple store and Online was stumped. FYI sort by Subject and the notes that have a first line blank will be on top.

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    The Handheld Synchronization" folder in Outlook was my culprit. Thats @Augsburg57 for the catch and the post! This was driving me crazy.....
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    That amazingly worked after I have spent over 3 days messing with this problem. I had only one note out of 120 notes that needed to be fixed by deleting the blank first line and it synced like a charm.

    This fix definitely needs to be put were all Windows users can find this information because the Apple Tech Support System is terrible. You are amazing and Thanks so much to end my days of frustration.
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    I owe you a hug my friend...I have spent so many days to figure this notes issue..all my outlook notes are sparkling in my iphone....great work...

    One more point: We need to ensure all the outlook notes are in same color..I have one in yellow and rest in blue which was another issue later figured it out..

    Anyway...I am very happy today..
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    Same color? Really?
    I have some of my notes set to an assigned category which makes them a different color, and I do not have any trouble sync-ing them - that's weird...
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