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  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac
    Give this a shot: boot into Safe Mode and run iPhoto there. If it does run OK reboot and try again.
  • Lars Pasveer Level 1 Level 1
    I'm on a 2006 white iMac 24" and this version of iPhoto freezes up my machine like crazy. I checked the Console and it is littered with "NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout!" messages.

    There are threads of people experiencing freezes of their Macs, all related to this (graphics driver) error. Search for it on these forums. It seems this version of iPhoto apparently leans so much on the portion of the graphics driver that triggers the error that it makes iPhoto (my Mac even) unusable for me.

    Fifty euros down the drain. Small change for mr. Jobs so I'm not expecting a fix. The threads on "NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout!"-errors go back to early 2009 and they haven't been addressed - even with numerous feedback and a (non-functioning) Graphics Update for Snow Leopard a while back.

    So, not holding my breath then. But I could've gone to the pub from that fifty note, that stings.
  • chester4444 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issues listed at the top. Every time I open iPhoto 11 it wants to upgrade the photo library. I let it, check around iPhoto and look at pictures, and quit iPhoto and it saves the library all 25000 pictures. So I open iPhoto again and it is asking to upgrade the photo library AGAIN. And it repeats every time I open iPhoto.

    I also noticed this on other apps such as iMovie and Garageband. iMovie will upgrade all movies made on iMovie, and Garageband scans for Jam mixes every time I open the apps. After quitting iPhoto, iMovie, or Garageband it seems like it never saves changes. I have not tried iWeb or iDVD yet to see if the problem affects those apps aswell.

    This is the first time I am angry at Apple for selling software for $50 when it doesn't even work properly.

    I have a feeling that it has something to do with Time Machine backups, because after upgrading my library it started backing up all 120GB of photos again.

    I have also heard cases of other people loosing photos, thank god I have a back up, all 120GB of it.

    Please Apple release a fix ASAP!!!!
  • Just add alcohol Level 1 Level 1
    I always jump on early with the Mac releases and this is the 1st time Ive felt burnt
    Even forgetting the fact that I cannot print the calendar I was working on (coming soon!! what the! just release ilife when its ready already)
    but not cannot open my projects, all of them, books, cards, even the new ones I create just show in the sidebar but will not open
    from what Ive read downgrading is not a viable option
    double ouch!
    Ive repaired permissions, restarted
    Ive got stuff to do, this hurts
  • Iemke Kuijper Level 1 Level 1
    The com apple iphoto.plist rebuild worked for me . Thanks for the advice.
  • Lars Pasveer Level 1 Level 1
    Luckily I had just made a SuperDuper clone from my installation before I applied iLife 11. Since I couldn't get a downgrade to work (well, the restored iPhoto 9 complained that my Library had been upgraded, even though it too was from a backup) I did a complete clone back to my main drive.

    All is well, but I'm fifty euros lighter and have nothing to show for it. Harumpf...
  • leon999 Level 1 Level 1
    About 15 minutes ago, iPhoto 11 deleted all of my images (1,200) while leaving the four I wanted gone in the Trash (4). I can't find them anywhere.

    In its place is a virtual post-it note with a "To Get Started..." message.

    Regrets? I've had a few... like 1200 of them, right now.
  • Barry Burciul Level 1 Level 1
    Same freezing problem here, on a white iMac 24" 2.16 C2D.

    iPhoto is now completely unusable.
  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac
    You can downgrade if you have a backup copy of your library under iPhoto 09. What system are you running? Your profile indicates that you can't run iPhoto 11.
  • pbrlic Level 1 Level 1
    Had the same problem as others with the inability to view my cards and books. The following solution worked for me (from another thread):

    Booted in safe mode and confirmed the my cards and books were viewable in safe mode. Rebooted in normal mode, opened my font library and resolved duplicates.

    Opened iPhoto and my books and cards were now viewable, and I am now able to create new ones.
  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac
    Did you read pbrlic's post above? Check your fonts. Evidently iPhoto 11 is somewhat font sensitive.
  • Ham66 Level 1 Level 1
    I just upgraded to ilife 11 and iphoto went ballistic on my system. It upgrades every time i launch the app. I imported a new folder of pics and the importing window never stopped. I relaunched and upgraded again only to see all black tiles and no visible thumbnails. My library went from 200gb to about 18gb. This is unbelieveable. It apperars numberous people are having this issue, this appears to be a MAJOR bug in ilife suite. I hope a fix is coming soon - Glad i have a drobo. Nevertheless, I am furious at apple!!!
  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac
    Did you check your fonts?
  • drmil Level 1 Level 1
    Someone said that deleting (moving) all *.avi files from your iPhoto Library is the solution.
    I tried this and it worked well for me. Initially upgrading iPhoto library always stopped after few seconds before resulting in iPhoto becoming completely frozen. After moving all *.avi files from iPhoto Library upgrading process went well within few minutes (17.5 Gb) so now I can start using new version of iPhoto
  • Jeff51 Level 1 Level 1
    Same deal here. I Photo 11 won't launch into the page editing section of the book app. I tried all the solutions offered up here. None work. The program is now essentially useless to me. It could and should be great but it's not. The product in it's current form is nothing that Apple says it is in it's marketing. I can't speak for Garage Band or I Movie because I haven't been there yet but I'm not anxious at this point.

    A little tip for the software engineers at Apple: test your apps on every OS and machine you make before release!

    A little tip for the marketing people at Apple: make sure your software engineers test your apps before release. We'd rather wait for the right stuff than be burned by crap that's rushed to market.

    Events like this make you Apple people look so dumb and/or so unconcerned about your customers!! Are you under so much pressure to get the sales for this upgrade into the fourth quarter that you were able to somehow convince yourselves that this obviously incomplete product should be released?! You can and you have done better. Stop spending all the money on expensive ad's and video's telling us how wonderful Apple is and shift some of those resources into proper product testing next time. And somebody out there please develop the nads to tell the big bosses when something isn't ready for release no matter what the financial needs of the company!? Now please fix this so we can move on!
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