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    A lot of phones/smartphones do have this "basic" function of having alarm clock running while the cell is completely switched off. That's what we need to avoid calls while sleeping, simple as that!.  If you do have your iPhone on to have the alarm running, the battery will die the next morning!

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    The battery will not die the next morning. Mine never does. Millions of other people's batteries never die either.

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    Hello all from Perth Australia. Recently finished work with a corporate and was cursed with a blackberry. Have been wanting an iphone for years. Well finally got it and after many years of a BB I dont miss it but do miss the ability to be able to set the alarm and switch the bloody thing off.


    I've got the message after reading the full thread so no lectures please just letting you know that I would appreciate the functionality to be able to switch the phone off and it switches on to wake me up. A simple question in set up that does this would be magic!


    Love to all our American allies!



  • Leann O. Level 3 (635 points)



    Provide feedback to Apple via this link:


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    I had macros set up on my computer that would automatically turn it on for me every morning at a certain time (excluding weekends by choice), and to automatically switch it off for me at a certain time (this one I disabled because I ended up working overtime more often than expected and didn't like dealing with it).  Point being, my computer will turn itself on after being completely turned off (or as turned off as any other computer - "off off", "deep hibernation", call it what you like, it's whatever a computer is when you shut it down).  Should be able to do the same with an iphone as my computer is a mac and also requires an OS to run...


    For me, it's a matter of personal preference.  I like my phone to be turned off at night.  For me, there is a noticeable difference in the way my phone operates when it is constantly on.  I have left my phone on and switched it to airplane mode.  I have switched it to silent.  I still notice a difference in the way it operates after a few days of not being switched off.  It lags.  Apps crash.  It goes a little wonky.    It doesn't seem like it would be much of a change to at least make this an option.

    For example:

    set alarm

    set am/pm

    set sound (which they updated to allow itunes music as an option.  yea!)

    set auto on  off/on


    or it could be in settings so it's a more permanent decision without having to set that preference each time you switch on an alarm.  either way, seems like an easy addition (and if it were an option in settings, those of you who do not prefer it would not have to have it, or if you happen to be in a movie theater at the time you have your regularly occurring alarm set, you can switch it off).  I'm not an engineer, however; so it's possible I'm wrong. I would just like to hear from someone that actually built the system the phone is using to tell me why it's not possible, if that is truly the case.  Truthfully, I'm a curious sort and would like to understand the reasoning behind it not being a feature regardless of whether or not it is possible.  BUT, if the answer to that is "it's not possible" please go into detail and explain why.  Thank you 


    and, yes, i've tried alarm clocks.  i don't like clutter.  i already have a lamp, a weather radio (tornado alley), my iphone, and my keys on my nightstand.  plus my book and a glass of water.  sometimes a box of kleenex.  i'd rather not have to have an alarm clock to add to that.  also, i sleep with earplugs.  husband snored like a freight train.  earplugs made sleep possible.  i now cannot sleep without them, even if he is out of town.  i had three different alarm clocks, none of which i could hear with my earplugs.  my iphone, i can hear in the next room.  tone?  volume?  addiction?  whatever, i hear it in the mornings.    having it as my alarm would be a major plus.  especially now, because i seriously think my iphone 5 is a good deal louder than my 3GS was.

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    DIrected at smarterthanyou for his condescending remarks on page 1:



    Wow!! Did you seriously suggest that the people who disagree with you, and those who disagree with the topic creator, must work at McDonalds??


    Because OBVIOUSLY, if an alarm doesnt function exactly as you want it to, Mr. Advanced Degree High Paying Job, it must be for the incompetent peasants who are so lazy and aim so low in life that waking up on time isn't a concern!


    No one even showed hostility at that point in the thread! The worst anyone said is, "This is an iphone- when you turn it off, it will not make an alarm. That's just the way it is with iphones."


    Guess what? That's the TRUTH! Telling the truth isn't being "hostile."


    Suggesting that people who don't understand your complaints about a phone's particular features must work minimum wage and lack a higher education IS being a complete ****, however.


    <Edited By Host>

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    Hey gang...


    I have a suggestion that could please the entire iPhone user family... post your opinions... like this post....


    Apple could introduce an additional option for selection when press and holding the on/off button [presently only has one option to "slide to power off"] that would "activate hibernation mode" similar to other smartphones out there. An additional slide feature with this new function could be added to the bottom of the screen.


    In addition to this new hibernation feature is to have a prompt option asking the user to either turn on iPhone or resume hibernation when the alarm is activated.


    This would satisfy both users that want the iPhone completely shut down and those users that prefer the hibernation mode with active alarms on.


    Problem solved

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    Hi sounds good.  it is exactly the way the BB designers addressed it.


    A couple thoughts


    1. The button is called the sleep/wake button....not the on/off should put phone into sleep mode and allow the alarm to work.


    2.  So many people saying "it's by design"....  That doesn't make it right.  It's BAD design, hence should be discussed in the forum.

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    mfoncerrada wrote:


    Hi sounds good.  it is exactly the way the BB designers addressed it.


    A couple thoughts


    1. The button is called the sleep/wake button....not the on/off should put phone into sleep mode and allow the alarm to work.

    That's exactly what it does. Provided you don't choose to Turn the phone completely off.


    mfo2.  So many people saying "it's by design"....  That doesn't make it right.  It's BAD design, hence should be discussed in the forum.

    No. It should not. If you want to tell Apple about it, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and submit feedback.  Discussing it here is pointless. That's the way it's designed. This is a technical support forum. No one here can cange it.

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    Not to provide more hostility or anything but if it is that big of a deal why not break out the old blackberry>plug it in at nightstand>set alarms to suit>LEAVE ON NIGHTSTAND...


    Now you don't even have to use the alarm on the iPhone.


    Also I don't see How powering the phone off all the way is any better that SETTINGS>AIRPLANE MODE.


    You could just as easily not remember to turn your phone on in the morning as forget to turn airplane on.


    I have used a massive amount of smart phone's (android,windows, iOS) and have not had a single one that had an alarm that would function with the phone off.

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    Here's what I'm not understanding. I ask this as a sincere question to all the BB users who want this feature on the iPhone. Why not just use the Airplane mode option that has been suggested many times (though now with iOS 6, you can use Do Not Disturb)?  Your responses to that suggestion have always been, "what if I forget to turn Airplane mode back off", or "why should I have to jump through hoops every night to get this basic function?"   My response to that is, you are already turning your phone off every night (a "hoop" you have to jump through). All you have to do is switch from turning off your phone to turning on Airplane mode. It's the same amount of work. You're just changing your process (which should be a normal expectation with a new phone).


    Now, all that said, I am in AGREEment with you that it would be nice if the alarm worked when turned off. I really am!  I had a BB before my iPhone, and loved it. So I understand. But it just doesn't seem like such a big change to just moving the process from turning it off completely to turning on Airplane mode now (or again, Do Not Disturb, which is the best of all worlds).


    I do not mean this to be hostile or passive aggressive or attacking. I mean it as a sincere question.

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    It's bad design for alarm clocks to go off when your phone is off. 


    Just ask the guy who was banned from the Boston Symphony Orchestra for his alarm going off while his phone was off (prior to the update) during the BSO's grand finale!  The director literally stopped the orchestra and the whole crowd boo'd him out of the place and they stripped him of his season tickets.


    For the REST of us, it would be nice if there was an override!

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    I totally agree with this. And your solution would be so perfect

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,055 points)

    I's likely the OP has done that in the 5 years since posting the note.

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