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Just downloaded the new Facetime Beta and was disappointed that my Outlook 2011 Contacts didn't show up to choose from. Anyone figure this out yet? Hopefully the Facetime App will integrate with the new Outlook 2011, if not that's going to be a big issue since I don't want to use the Address Book on the Mac.

Macbook Pro i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Why would you expect Apple to support Microsoft software?
    It is a beta program, which means it is a program for guinea pigs.
    Read the download documentation, and if it says a place to send bug reports, send it there, otherwise send to http://bugreporter.apple.com/
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    Also why don't you want to use the Addressbook for the Mac? It is a fine program with the ability to print labels, and many other cool goodies. Maybe before condemning Apple's Addressbook, why not learn more about what it can do.
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    Wow. You call that a 'Welcome'? I don't. I ask a legitimate question and get this kind of arrogant ‘Apple’ response?

    “Why would you expect Apple to support Microsoft software?” Let’s see in yesterday’s announcements by Apple, Apple’s VP featured a segment on the new Office 2011. Asking this question is like asking why Microsoft supported the Mac?
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    I use both Windows 7 on a Lenovo W500 and a Macbook Pro i7 with Outlook and sync my iPhone to the Windows 7 machine since my email lives on Exchange in the Cloud. I want all of my 'Contact' in one place - simple.

    The Outlook Address Book is stored in the Cloud so I don't have to worry about losing anything and yes I can print labels and other goodies out of Outlook as well.

    Make sense now?
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    What if cloud goes down? Then you'd need it somewhere else. You can never have too many backups.
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    Last, but not least, I'd file an *enhancement request* if the bugreport link wasn't so slow. I've been waiting for over 10 minutes to get the page to come up...must be alot of issues being reported.

    I'll try again later.
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    That's why I have the following:

    Lenovo w/W7 and an offline copy of my contacts, plus a W7 backup of the machine.
    Macbook Pro and an offline copy of my contacts, plus a Time Machine backup.
    Plus a Parallels copy of my Lenovo w/W7 that runs fine on the Macbook Pro with an offline copy of my contacts.
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    I have the same issue. I use Exchange for email and thus prefer the Microsoft client as it better integrates.

    I have configured Address Book to also sync with Exchange but unfortunately FaceTime only retrieves Contacts from local (On My Mac) addresses and does not access the contacts in my Exchange folder. Pending this being fixed Facetime is unusable for me and, presumably, millions of other Exchange users.

    Since FaceTime on the iPhone requires a wireless connection it does strike me that Skype is by far the better alternative. Perhaps this will change with future versions however for the moment I think it is over-hyped by Apple.
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    Same here,
    Apple Address Book shows my exchange contacts, but they are not available in facetime.
    Looks like serious flaw.
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    Loaded Facetime tonight: Using a search on the hard drive, I was able to find "Import Address.scpt". It is an apple script that attempted to locate Entourage application and import the contacts...Did not work..alias issue. I then exported the address book from Entourage and imported it into Address book. After more than 3k address, I need a better search of names on Facetime. Otherwise, I will have to arrow through the contacts. Searching a single character is not enough.
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    From Outlook or Entourage, export text file to desktop. The address book has an import option. Review the import mapping of lines to assure thing fall in line. It will prompt you on what to do with duplicate address.

    If you have a lot of work/home address, import them into excel and eliminate the unneeded contacts. Save the file to "cvs or txt". and try the import in to Address book. In excel, you should be able to delete the unused columns from the earlier outlook/E export. Save a copy of the export. Sometimes you may want to start over from a good file.

    Sorry, about not providing a direct answer.
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    I have the same problem - I really want Facetime to access my contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2011. It does on my iPhone so i figure it will on Facetime soon enough.
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    I am also using Office 2011 with the Facetime beta for Mac.

    The easiest way to get your desired Facetime contacts from Exchange is use the local Mac Address Book and connect it to your Exchange Server. The Exchange contact list will now appear in the Mac Address Book and you can drag and drop the desired Facetime contacts from Exchange to "On My Mac". The contacts you copied will now appear in Facetime.
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    What`s that ridiculous "feature" to leave Exchange-contacs? They are shown and supported at mail and addressbook as integrated into the system. And now facetime, they are even not shown under "show all contacs"!?