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I've played around editing some pictures in iPhoto'11 for about an hour, and had already two cases of a completely unresponsive screen on my iMac. Both times the screen locked up when exiting edit mode and going back to the "event" view. The only thing still moving was the mouse pointer; clock and everything else is frozen. The power button will put the machine to sleep, but bringing it back up only shows a blue screen, nothing else. Using an ssh login from my MacBook I have been able to do a clean "sudo shutdown -r now", but that was the only way to free up the screen: killing iPhoto or even killing Finder from the remote login did nothing. Killing iPhoto (-1, -2 or -15) didn't even work, only kill -9 which produced a zombie process.

I have ±540 events and 33k pictures in my iPhoto library.

Did anyone else experience this? Any hints on how to work around it or solve it?

iMac aluminium 24", Mac OS X (10.6.4), 4GB/1TB
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