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    What worked for me when having the consistent 'iPhoto needs to upgrade' error continuing to prompt was because iPhoto not saving after quitting.  The fix for me was to tell iPhoto to repair the library permissions.  Hold down Shift + alt + option and open iPhoto (one click from the dock is how I did it).  Select repair permissions and let it do its thing.  After, it will ask you to upgrade etc, after it's all done when you quit iPhoto it should relaunch without the upgrade prompt.  I'm assuming my problem is because I have my library stored in the Shared folder and point all my other accounts (wife n kids) to it so everyone's photos from their phone syncs and photo stream moves into the same library.  The permission repair can take some time, as its scanning every photo and its subsequent files (like originals from edits) so larger libraries may be slower.  Hope it works for you all!



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    Hey folks.  So why has my iPhoto11 just decided to not let me add additional pages to the book I am creating?  I am at 77 total at the moment.


    iPhoto ***** compared to several other options, including the old iPhoto I replaced.  wish i hard read this forum early.



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    Bothersome iPhoto IOS7 update taking forever... How long should it take to update 534 gigs photos? Too bad for this mess... How do I even know it's working on the update? There is something that caught my eye in Activity Monitor:


    QTKitServer-(432) TranslateBox (Not Responding)0.00.1520469maximuzeek16 KB65 KB32 Bit
    -No0 bytes
    0 bytes0 bytes0 bytesNoNo
    0 bytes0 bytes000 bytes


    What the heck is this?



    Thank you Terence,



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